Types of HDB Renovation You Can Choose In Singapore

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Types of HDB Renovation You Can Choose In Singapore

HDB renovation is a subject that awakens dreams and, at the same time, causes nightmares in people.

The first step in a home renovation is to create the needs program, which is nothing more than an architecture briefing. At this point, the architect needs to ask the right questions to identify which changes will meet the client’s needs.

The HDB residents’ routine, future plans for the house and the budget expectation are part of the essential information for starting the home renovation. Often, not even the client knows very well what to expect from home remodeling,  so it is important to ask open-ended questions and ask for references to arrive at the best results. A high-quality HDB renovation company can turn the expectations into reality.

This is one of the moments of home renovation that generates more headaches for residents, isn’t it? For this reason, it is essential that the architect has the skills to reassure him.

  • To keep the budget under control and pass an estimated value to the customer, create a budget spreadsheet with the sum of all expenses.
  • This document is also important for the architect to calculate his profit margin with the project.
  • The home renovation worksheet should contain expenses with labor, coatings, crockery, metals and other materials and objects.
  • In addition to the client’s financial investment, there is also all the expectation and anxiety to see the work ready.

During the renovation of the HDB, the role of the architect is to create a project that meets all the needs of the resident, ensure the choice of the right materials and manage the workforce so that the project is executed correctly.

But it is clear that every work has its issues, which can be challenging and time-consuming to solve.

To help you avoid mistakes and deal with unforeseen circumstances, in today’s post, we brought you a step by step guide of home renovation, essential tips and 6 inspiring examples from before and after.

What are the types of home renovations?

Each home renovation is unique, but observing the general characteristics, we can basically divide them into 3 groups. They can be run separately or at the same time, and refer to:

Property layout

When it comes to home remodeling, this is one of the most common types. These are changes to improve the use of the environment, whether it’s integrating spaces, including new furniture or changing the lighting.

Floor and cladding change

The simple change of floors and coverings can give a new face to the environment. In addition, this change can also make the space more practical and safe.

This type of home renovation is usually quite laborious, as it requires the choice of new materials and leaves the environment unusable for a few days. But the result is worth it.

Structural problem solving

In this type of home renovation, the idea is to solve problems related to structural damage to the walls, leaks, roof problems and improvements in the electrical and hydraulic network. In this regard, you’d want to work with the best interior designers in Singapore to ensure a hassle-free HDB interior design.

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