Legal Counsel for You after Stray Dog Bite

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Legal Counsel for You after Stray Dog Bite

The idea of rescuing stray dogs can be great, but if you get bitten by a stray dog in Denver, you will need to hire a Denver dog bite attorney to file claims and get remuneration. The likelihood of getting compensation after a dog bite depends really on two factors: the nature of your state’s injury laws and the competence of your attorney.

Legal counsel is always crucial, and when it comes to personal injury claims, you just cannot do without having an attorney.

How State Injury Laws Differ

In some states, dog bites personal injury claims are only awarded if there is an actual dog bite and not just some injury resulting indirectly from the effect of a dog bite. For example, if a dog bites the tire of a bicycle when someone is riding it, and the person falls and gets injured, some states’ laws would not award any form of compensation. Compensations are mostly given only when dog bites result in proven physical or psychological injuries.

What to Do After a Dog Bite Accident

If you get bitten, you must do the following:

  1. Seek medical treatment: Getting treated should be your priority if you ever get bitten by a dog. Dog bites are risky because the injury can become infected within a short time. If the dog has diseases like rabies, you might be in more danger than you realize. Get medical attention first before other things.
  2. Gather pieces of evidence and documents: All legal cases hinge on evidence. Ask your doctor or the medical staff that attended to you to preserve some evidence of the injury before and after treatment. Where possible, take photos, and videos of the bite and any scar left after treatment. Also, remember to get documents like bills, medical reports, and receipts of any medical expenses.
  3. Hire a Denver dog bite attorney: The next step is hiring a competent attorney who is familiar with your state’s injury laws and has a proven record of winning compensations for clients. Finding the right attorney may be tricky, but look out for experience, strong communication skills, track records, and recommendations or reviews. The Denver dog bite attorney knows how to file claims properly and negotiate the proper compensation that will cover your medical expenses and compensate for any physical or psychological losses that you experience.

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