6 Awesome Things You Can Get From Massage Chairs

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6 Awesome Things You Can Get From Massage Chairs

Most people looking for massage chairs only focus on finding the most comfortable one. Although comfort is one of the top things you should consider, features should be a close second. New massage chairs, such as the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair come with innovative technologies and sleek detailing, which makes choosing one even more difficult.

But that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. While most massage chairs of today come with almost the same elements, there are still some that truly stand out. These massage chairs have specific highlights that make them unique and end up becoming a must-buy.

So, if you’re on the search to find the perfect massage chair, here are six excellent features that can guide you.

  • SL-Track Technology

Most massage chairs only come with either S-Track or L-Track technology. But the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro is among the first to combine both techniques to deliver lifelike massages from a chair. While the S-Track and L-Track technology alone offers to transform massages, combining the two makes the experience even better. The S-Track is responsible for delivering consistent pressure that contours the spine’s natural curves while the L-Track handles the massage delivery throughout your body. The L-Track travels from the back of the neck, down the spine, and wraps under the back of the thighs, making the massage even better.

  • Calf, Bridge, And Heel Massage

Another new feature you should look out for is the calf, bridge, and heel massage, which you can also find in the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. This massage feature uses rotating air massagers that massages and stretches behind the calves, the heel of the foot, and the bridge.

  • Dreamwave Technology

Dreamwave Technology is a patented feature you can find in DreamWave Massage Chairs which promotes complete relaxation. It makes an undulating figure 8 motion which keeps the body in balance and relaxed. The gentle rhythm which rocks approximately 1.6 inches either side allows users to experience a new level of relaxation and massage therapy.

  • Shiatsu Point Locator

While you can commonly find a Shiatsu option in most massage chairs, not everything can locate the points accurately. This DreamWave patented, and proprietary body-scanning technology determines the user’s shiatsu points to deliver a custom massage session specific to the user’s entire body.

  • Brain Massage Program

Brain massage programs are relatively new in the massage chair industry, and only a few brands carry them. However, if this interests you, you can find it in most BodyFriend chairs from The Modern Back showroom. The brain massage program combines massage therapy with binaural beats which helps improve brain activity. It also promotes more intense relaxation and heightened concentration.

  • LED Chromatherapy

Another unique feature which you might want from your massage chair is LED Chromatherapy. LED Chromatherapy technology uses calming blue lights that further relaxes the user while enjoying any massage program.


Final Word

Finding the right massage chair takes learning the correct information. If you know what’s out there, you can better decide which one to choose. Do some research, consult a professional, or consider visiting a massage chair showroom to help you further.




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