How Smart watches won the hearts of the old school?

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How Smart watches won the hearts of the old school?

The latest iteration of the famous timepieces could prove to be as timeless as its predecessor. Watches ruled the wrist accessories department longer than anything else. A lot of trends came into the picture but disappeared just as quick. But wristwatches, surprisingly, have stayed for much longer than anyone would have expected. All these years people who could easily look at their phones to see the time preferred to have a watch on their wrists for the purpose.

However, this glorious position held by the wristwatches is at serious risk now because there’s a new contender in accessory town: Smart watches. And they could prove to be as long in their usability as these watches have been. They are similar only in the way that they both show time. They are as different as a rock and the Rockefellar.    

When the early smart-watches were launched, they bombed. People laughed at them, ridiculed them and said it could never be as effective and as easy as a wristwatch. The whole world was rooting for the classic quartz watches then. Now, they aren’t sure anymore.

The thing is, those early smart-watches did little more than showing the time. There were a few features and a touch screen in some of them, but it was like a cooler version of the wristwatch and yet, way more costly. People thought it would never go ahead and it wouldn’t have. But something changed in the next years and what we have now is closest the man has gone in imitating its own greatest achievements: Fossil Smart watch.

Something as simple as this turned the whole industry upward down. Fossil decided that it didn’t want to sink the wristwatches into the brown pages of history but walk with it to the future that lies ahead. They understood that wristwatches were more than just devices for people; they were a sign of status, a prized possession for people with taste. They understood that nothing too techy could replace the charm and the simplicity of the wristwatches.

So, they did something that has the potential to change the industry

Instead f asking people to abandon the simple appeal of the wristwatch and buy the tacky looking smart-watches, Fossil created wristwatches embedded with the smart features. They integrated the functionality of the smart-watch with the design and structure of the wristwatch, creating the ultimate chronograph that could appease both, the old and the young, the mild and the daring and the fun and the fiery. Something that people from past generations and from the latest could equally love and accept.

The barrier between the old and the new burst open. From it emerged innovation and design which transformed the way people looked at watches. Now, it wasn’t trying to beat the watch with the smartphone or the other way round; it was just an attempt at unifying the best of the two. And the result is beyond wonder, beyond triumph. For the first time in many years, it began to close the generation gap and bring people closer.

These watches look like the wristwatches of the old, the same simplicity, same classic finesse. However, if you look closer or touch the dial, you realize that it’s a touch screen and not a glass dial cover. You realize there’s a meter on the screen that is constantly measuring your heartbeat. You hear a ping!and realize that you could receive email notifications on the screen too, all these features from a smart-watch, without wearing a “smart-watch”.

Now, you could be in a group of boring people and messaging through the watch without seeming to be rude or arrogant. You could also talk to your Google assistant while you are swimming because this smart-watch is swim-proof too.

You could do a lot more with these innovative watches without losing the touch of the good old wristwatches. There may not be the tick in these watches, but they do look the part. It may make these old watches watch at the smart-watches with pride.


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