4 reasons to choose tandem trailers

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4 reasons to choose tandem trailers

If you are looking for trailers with high capacity, there is a high possibility that you have encountered tandem trailers. With millions of trailer options on the market, why should you look for tandem trailers for sale?

  1. Higher capacity

“Two is better than one” is more than a love story. In trailer space, having two axles to share the load massively enhances the loading capacity of the trailer.It does not necessarily mean all dual-axle trailers can carry the 3,500kg that many vehicles advertise.

However, while single-axle trailers can go up to 1,400kg, premium tandem trailers can easily pass that mark into the 2,000kg range and up to the maximum tow rating of 3,500kg for most pick-ups and SUVs.

It is recommended to keep the gross weight of the trailer 10% below the maximum rating in most times for better endurance of the trailer. Therefore, a trailer with ATM 3,500kg should be loaded up to 3,150kg in most time. Therefore, more weight capacity offers more room to load before reaching the max weight and minimising danger.

  1. Better build quality

Due to the greater weight designed to carry, tandem trailers are built with more robustness in mind. The added structural components offer additional rigidity to the tandem trailers for enhanced durability. If the trailers are welded, the lesser possible points of failure also aid the long-term usability when facing constant vibrations from rougher road surfaces.

As vibrations from road poise significant issues to both the trailer and the items being carried, tandem trailers provide additional benefits with the better rated suspension to keep fragile items in safe conditions.

More crossbars featured in the chassis also help with the integrity of the trailer in loading objects with smaller contact points. Taking a sofa as example, the four weight points of the legs can be better distributed across the floor of trailer to enhance durability. More underlying structure also aids with upholding the force of cornering and prevent slipping and sliding.

  1. Better usability

Featuring two axles, the loading deck available on tandem trailers are generally larger for more flexibility in fitting larger items. Smaller loose items can always be tied down or organised with boxes. But fitting oversized items to trailers is extremely hard, not to mention the danger in doing so.

The two axles and longer drawbar in tandem trailers also help with manoeuvring of the trailer. While the extended drawbar helps with reversing, the dual-axle design also reduces the sensitivity of the trailer when compared to single-axle trailers.

With a total of four major contact points to the ground, tandem trailers are more balanced than single-axle variants and less reliant to the jockey wheel for better durability.

  1. Better safety

Thanks to the better build quality, tandem trailers are able with withstand rougher surfaces while keeping the loaded safe. General safety features, including the safety chain, are created to withstand the greater loading weight to offer higher safety leeway.

For tandem trailers, both active and passive safety measures are enhanced. Electronic brakes are installed for all tandem trailers with doubled stopping power when compared to single-axle trailers. Enhanced structural integrity also helps in an event of collision in keeping the trailer intact.

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