Most astonishing town in Menorca to make you fall in love

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Most astonishing town in Menorca to make you fall in love

You may have an ardent traveler, and must have explored places that make in the list of the most beautiful ones, but there are always a few places that leave an impression on your mind which never fades. Certainly, Menorca is one of those places that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. With its far stretched beaches, white sand, natural beauty, rich flora and fauna, and historical sites; you will simply fall in love with the island. However, to have the best experience on your tour, it is the best that you book villas in Menorca.

However, today we will be talking about some of the most astonishing towns that are breathing in the territory on Menorca Island, and you cannot just leave from exploring them.

  1. Fornells:

Fornells is a beautiful fishing village standing in the North of Menorca. It has been able to keep its fishing culture alive and intact. If you are a fan of fishing and live for the love of seafood, you need to visit this town. When here, do try their famous dish, lobster stew. Make sure to visit the Tower of Fornells that dates back to the 19th century and was constructed by the English. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the coast from up there.

  1. San Luís

It is very hard to put in words how beautiful this town looks with all white facades. The facades are from the few remnants that belong to the French colonization of the island. The town offers the magnificent charms of the Mediterranean Sea. While there, do visit the Molí Dalt; which is an old wheat mill now turned into a museum and represent as the symbol of the town.

  1. Mercadal:

One of the most beautiful towns in the entirety of Menorca, Mercadal is located in the close proximity of Monte Toro which is the highest point of the entire island. The landscapes act as a charmer of the town. Make sure to visit the shrine of Virgen del Toro, who was the patron Saint of Menorca.

There are many more towns in the island of Menorca and each has its own unique feature to offer to the tourists, some have a narrow labyrinth of water canals, some has beautiful beaches. It is almost an impossible task to cover the entire island, but make sure not to miss the town discussed above.


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