Finer Values for the Giga Turbines

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Finer Values for the Giga Turbines

Wind power plants (WPP) are devices of special design, in which wind energy is converted into electricity. Every day they become more popular. Using natural, and most importantly, renewable energy sources, convenient and simple wind farms, the so-called wind turbines, are an excellent alternative to traditional power plants, especially in private homes.

Use of wind power

The GIGA Turbines or rather the principle of their operation, were undeservedly forgotten in the twenties of the last century. However, the force of the wind was not used even to obtain electrical energy. It actuated millstones, was used as a propulsion device for sailing ships, and later launched pumps for pumping water into tanks, that is, turned into mechanical energy. Wind power began to develop rapidly in the late sixties of the past century. At this time, there was a catastrophic lack of traditional energy sources, in addition, they rose sharply in price, and the environmental problems associated with their use became more acute.

  • Promoted the use of alternative sources of electricity, including wind power, and technical progress. New high-strength and fairly lightweight materials have appeared, allowing erecting towers up to 120 m high and huge blades. The winds blowing in many regions of the planet are able to rotate the turbines of a power station with sufficient speed to provide energy to private homes, small farms or schools in rural areas.
  • But in any barrel of honey there is at least one spoon of tar. The wind cannot be subdued, it does not always blow, especially in the same direction and with the same speed. Technical progress does not stand still. If today wind power plants for a private house, which produce hundreds of kilowatts of electricity, are no longer a rarity, then tomorrow, perhaps, tens of megawatts stations will become every day. In any case, there are already wind farms with a capacity of 5 mW and more.

The Other Options

In addition to the use of free wind energy and independence from external sources of electricity, wind power plants have several significant advantages. There is no environmental problem of storage and disposal of waste, and the very method of producing energy is one of the most environmentally friendly. Not to mention how a windmill aesthetically looks against the sky, it can be considered a virtue that the installation can be both stationary and mobile. In addition, today it is already possible to choose the WEC of a suitable model and power, or use an installation that combines the use of several energy sources, traditional and alternative. It can be a diesel or solar wind power station.

According to the functionality of the wind power plant can be divided into stationary and mobile, or mobile. Powerful stationary installations require a whole complex of preparatory work, but they are capable of accumulating in batteries a sufficient amount of electricity for use in calm weather.

Mobile power plants are simpler in design, unpretentious, easy to install and easy to operate. They are usually used for powering electrical appliances or traveling. By design distinguish wing and rotor wind power. At the installation site of the WPP there are: ground.

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