The Wrong Questions In Sports Betting

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The Wrong Questions In Sports Betting

It turns out quite quickly that the difference in answer to the right question can also cause problems in sports betting. It sometimes starts with the basics. Sports Betting is not about the issue, wins team A or B, but the probabilities for both events. Those who are unaware of this will not be able to see any odds in the quotas, which they actually imply. Above all, the danger is that the gray areas that lie between the probabilities are ignored. Accordingly, the questions are inaccurate or even completely wrong. Off: What is the probability of home victory? Becomes inexact research quickly, for example: Did the home team last won?

The Availability Error In Sports Betting

It is not that the head transforms the question into pleasure and mood. It usually has something to do with the availability heuristic. By this technical term is meant that in a decision-making situation, one resort to the information that is available and then the decision is made. This has quite pragmatic reasons but usually leads to availability error. In some cases, this is not so bad, in sports betting, Free Bets UK for example, it means that it is false forecasts and usually loses in the long term.

Specifically, this can be seen in sports. It is much more common to remember gates to corners than to corners without barriers. This is simply because the portal makes it more memorable for us. In a game, it might look like this: A team beats ten corners. From one corner results a gate, which one remembers. In the next game, you’ll see a high chance that the team will score once more from one corner. Nine corners did not lead to a goal in the previous game.

In fact, analyzes have shown that just one in five corners also ends in a deal on goal and go in from these deals only one in ten balls. In other words, corners are harbingers of opportunities, but basically, they are relatively harmless. The proximity to the gate but they look dangerous. These values are also not easy to apply but cover an average.

Looking at the actual values of corner balls, one could now develop a simple strategy by merely putting the team in the corner with live betting. That sounds promising, even if sometimes a goal should fall. However, it would be too easy if that would be the case. According to the quotas, you have to look at how that is actually worthwhile. Also, there are differences in the teams, as far as the success after corner balls. Accordingly, such a strategy is not easy to execute blindly.


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