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ACT, short for, American College Testing is the most prestigious exam in a student’s educational career. It’s not an easy task to ace it. You have to be persistent and regular in your preparations according to the syllabus. It sounds easy when you know you have 2 hours and 55 minutes in your hand but it is not so. The questions are lengthy, complex and tricky. Be consistent- that’s one serious suggestion for your ACT prep.

Exams are all about managing your time. Always be aware of the ticking numbers on the corner of the screen. Here are some tips on how you can escape the problem to time:

  • Know the pattern thoroughly.

Always remember that these papers revolve around a pattern. The questions never match but the pattern never changes. If you know your paper well beforehand, then the chances of being surprised with a question type is not likely to happen.

  • Start the test with the section you are most confident with.

Since you know the division of section previously, always opt for the section you are confident about the most. If you start with the difficult one, there are two things that can go completely wrong. First, in the end, you won’t have enough time to do the easy ones and second, even if you are able to complete your strong papers, chances of mistakes in haste increases.

  • Apply hacks and tricks.

There’s no rule when you are answering the paper. It’s your exam, you can start, end, formulate or analyse in any way you want to. So plan it out accordingly and manage your exam.

  • Solve previous years’ paper.

Solving papers enhance speed because you are well aware of the next move. Your brain already knows what u will choose next. These papers are a part of your training module. With this, you will also get familiar with the question types and reduce your chances of panic attacks as well.

  • Keep calm and be relaxed.

Sometimes, it’s not the knowledge that you require for your ACT prep but your mental status which actually matters. Students often make mistakes because they are overwhelmed by the occasion. Therefore it is essential to keep calm and approach the exam with a relaxed mind frame.

You can enrol in classes for your ACT prep or do it all by yourself. It’s your choice, but in the end, select the best for yourself. 

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