5 Essentials You Should Pack on Your Next Hunting Trip

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5 Essentials You Should Pack on Your Next Hunting Trip

According to a recent report by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 40% of the U.S. population participated in activities such as hunting wildlife watching and fishing in 2016. This proves that despite our busy lifestyles, wildlife-related activities continue to be a part of the American heritage.
Majority of hunters decide on what they need on their hunting trip merely through trial and error.

Whether you are just starting or you’ve been out on several Texas trophy whitetail hunts, it is necessary to know what to carry. This ensures you don’t carry excess baggage and that you carry all the right equipment.

Here’s what you should have for your future Texas trophy whitetail hunts:

1.    Suitable Hunting Gear

Your hunting outfit should be up to the hunting task as well as protect you from the elements. Pack quality hunting boots that will not only be comfortable for long treks but also keep your feet warm and dry. Your hunting gear should be quick to dry and waterproof.

2.    Hunting Equipment and Optics

Hunting equipment essentials include a gun/rifle or archery, (remember to carry extra ammo and bow releases), gun or bow hoist, a bipod, shooting glasses, tree stand, trophy calls, scent killer and game lure scent. In case your hunting trip will take several days, you might need to carry your gun cleaning kit.
You will need to bring along such items as a pair of binoculars and a range finder. The latter will enable you to take ethical shots as opposed to just wounding the game.

3.    Game Bags

Although trash bags can do when you are packing your game, you might need to invest in game bags if you are hunting anything bigger than a whitetail. One advantage of game bags over trash bags is that they are reusable. Besides, they are easier to use and won’t tear should your game be too heavy.

4.    Matches or Lighters and a Flashlight

Light is one of the most important things to a hunter, particularly during the night. You will need these in case you are camping or if you get stranded. In the case of the latter, building a fire will signal the emergency personnel. Remember to carry extra batteries for your battery-operated lamp or flashlight.

5.    The Basics

Your field dressing kit should include such items as; your hunting license, food supplies, water, a first aid kit, a hunting knife, and rain gear.

In conclusion, destinations that offer Texas trophy whitetail hunts such as Montgomery Properties Ranch take care of all your hospitality needs as well as after the kill care. Thus, you do not need to overthink on what to pack. All you need to do is show up with your license, bow, and gun and enjoy a splendid hunting experience!

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