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Sober living homes can be described as a bridge between an inpatient facility and the real world. Sober living homes are also often called halfway houses. An addict might face difficulty with adjusting back into their daily life, especially if they’ve spent an extended period of time at an inpatient facility. Sober living homes provide an option that is between the two, a place where recovering addicts can reinforce the lessons they were taught in rehab as they try to adjust back into their daily lives. Check out drug and alcohol rehab in New Orleans if you’re looking out for sober living homes.

How do sober living homes help recovering addicts?

Moving straight back into their daily lives after spending an extended period of time in a rehabilitation center can be quite jarring. In an inpatient rehabilitation center, a person is completely detached from their daily lives. The environment is completely different with no temptations.

When a person moves back into their real lives, they face situations or circumstances which might cause them to relapse. In order to get used to their daily lives, they might prefer to spend some time at a sober living home. Living at a sober living home after spending time at a rehabilitation center allows one to slowly get used to their new lives and avoid any relapse triggering situations.

What can one expect in a sober living home?

As opposed to rehabilitation centers, residents and recovering addicts are much more independent in sober living homes. Unlike an inpatient rehabilitation center, residents at a sober living home are free to come and go as they please. In this way they can start getting used to their daily lives and start taking on their responsibilities.

The environment at a sober living home is very positive. Residents can attend a 12 step program which can further enforce their sober lifestyle. Somber living homes provide a good balance between freedom and dependency so that residents can adjust to their normal lives with time.

Residents who have lost their job or home during the time they were at rehab can live at a sober living home while they search for a job or a permanent place of residence. They can also get to know other recovering addicts and make friends. Most importantly, they can learn how to live without using any kind of substances and how to avoid situations which might case a relapse.

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