3 Reasons to Attend Moringa School in 2020

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3 Reasons to Attend Moringa School in 2020

Nairobi based Moringa school is a tech-centered educational institution. It provides a diversity of courses- months-long and weeks-long – that too at affordable costs. The aim is to prepare their students for the job without wasting any time on unnecessary concepts. It focusses on sharpening their software skills for the current employment requirements. Most of the students here are already undergraduates or on their way to a UG degree. Then why do these students and graduates attend this institution even after going to campus?

1. It nurtures Practical Skills

Any campus curriculum mostly focusses on the theory, with very few practicals. But while facing the real world, it is these practicals that come in handy the most. Moringa school knows this and brings the same theory back to life. The school emphasizes a lot of practical knowledge. Multiple coding challenges, web building exercises, working on apps, and projects- they all help in building real-life practical awareness. It creates a programmer who knows the theory and the real expectations of a job, something that conventional campus education fails to do. One can say that the institution trains the person to face a job.

2. It Promotes Teamwork And Communication

Teamwork and communication aren’t just two big spelled words. They are two qualities that are extremely necessary for the job market. It is common knowledge that team collaboration enhances productivity, creativity, and the overall growth of a company. Hence, employers rightfully consider teamwork a necessary trait. Teamwork and excellent communication abilities go hand-in-hand. The school stresses exceedingly on these two qualities. Through a lot of pair programming assignments, group projects as well as interactions with mentors and fellow peers, students develop their teamwork and communication skills.

When one has perfected these two qualities to a T, there is an automatic boost in self-confidence too. When an interviewer asks the student about these qualities, the student can confidently, positively, and truthfully answer.

3. It Helps To Create An Active Code Portfolio

Unlike campus education, this institution knows the importance of real practical knowledge as well as a nicely built active code portfolio while venturing out of a job. The courses focus on job-related coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, Python, and SQL. The days or months-long courses provided by the institution heavily encourage multiple coding assignments, which help in building an impressive portfolio. Some students have even admitted that they have written more codes in these short courses than in an entire year of undergrad!

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