What are the types of Photo Editing?

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What are the types of Photo Editing?

Most simply you can define photo editing as to alter an image. But the process is not an easy one, and the subject isn’t simple, it is quite a complex process.

The photo editing process is sometimes done manually; sometimes there is automated software to do it. Some photos are edited offline, on real photos, printed collateral, posters, etc.

Different terms used for photo editing are as follows:

  • Post-processing
  • Photoshopping
  • Image editing
  • Photo/image enhancement
  • Photo/image manipulation

Types of Photo Editor


Photo editor can be of two types:

  • A software that edit images
  • A person who edit images

These days a variety of tools can automate photo editing tricks. Lots of photo-editing firms, for instance, are in fact tools that automate things such as clipping courses. This is terrific when you intend to conserve time and utilize a computerized device by yourself; however, if you’re paying to outsource your image-editing demands, you’ll intend to search for a business that does this by hand.

On that particular note, the individual that modifies photos can either be independent, utilized by an outsourced firm or business, or somebody that functions in-house. There are several feasible task titles for an image editor, consisting of digital picture editor, graphics developer or art director, to name a few.

An image editor’s regular tasks will differ relying on the business as well as the market. Image editors that function internally at a significant e-commerce brand name, for instance, might be investing the majority of their time prepping item images to detail on their website and also controlling lifestyle shots for usage throughout the website. They might modify an array of pictures from a varied team of consumers if they function at a photo-editing firm.

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