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Limousines are synonymous with class and elegance. It is for granted that whenever we rent something there are certain sets of rules and regulations that need to be followed and renting a limo is no different. If you are renting Airport Limo Toronto¸ disobeying any of the prescribed rules and regulations can cause the cancellation of your limo rental services. Following is the list of things to avoid that could cause the cancellation of your limo.

  1. Not understanding the contract thoroughly:
    Whenever you are renting anything, there is a contract that you need to abide by. When hiring a limo service it is crucial that you go through the contract thoroughly and understand it through and through. Reading it more than once will help you understand things better and give you a better idea of how things work.  While reading the contract you may come across some odd points, which you can clarify with your limo rental and avoid any possibility of getting into any future confusion.
  2. Forgetting to sign the contract:
    Signing the rental contract sounds like the basic thing. A lot of the times, people return the contract only after reading it and forget to sign the contract. If there is no signature, there is no limo. It is crucial that you return the contract signed.
  3. Delayed Payment:
    When you plan to rent a limo, most of the rental companies will ask you to deposit a particular amount in advance. This is the most common way of confirming the limo reservation. If due to some reason the advance amount has not been paid, then the limo rental reservation will get cancelled.
  4. Depositing Insurance:
    Depositing insurance in advance for the vehicles is crucial. Most companies would ask you to pay it during the booking process. After your trip is over, if there is no damage to the vehicle this amount would be refunded to you in full.
  5. Exceeding the maximum capacity:
    Each limousine has a particular number of people that can travel in it. If by any chance, there is an attempt to transport more people than stipulated, then it could cause your ride to get cancelled. In such a situation, your driver has the right to refuse you to let in more people. In order to avoid such an embarrassment, it is safer to keep a check on the maximum people allowed in the limo that you have rented.
  6. Underage Drinking:
    All Limousine companies follow the laws to the T. Hence, anyone who is underage is not permitted to drink. If any passenger who is under the legal drinking age is found drinking, then in such a case services could be terminated.


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