Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test With Detoxification Shampoo

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Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test With Detoxification Shampoo

A Complete Guide On Hair Drug Analysis

We have to start by saying that hair analysis is a test that detects the presences of drug metabolites within the specimen.

It requires a specific process in which a technician will take a specimen from your head or body with an idea to determine whether you consumed something in the last three months.

They will use the collected sample and send it to a laboratory that will screen it for presence of illegal and prescription drugs, and you will be able to get results in matter of few days based on lab that you decide to choose.

The best way to learn how to pass an analysis is by reading Phenomica article of hair drug test shampoo that will help you along the way. You will need to wait approximately five to ten days from the last intake for the drugs to stay in your body for 90 days.

Therefore, if you collect the samples outside the detection window, you may be able to pass the test. The administrators will first try to cleanse the example from external contamination of smoke and powders by using special shampoos before undergoing the testing processes.

After that, the laboratory will use immunosorbent assay method to detect the presence of drug metabolites in your body. Most labs will be able to confirm whether you have an appearance of drugs or not within the 24 hours after testing.

If the screening becomes positive, they will send it to second screening which includes Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry so that they can confirm the positive test and specify which drugs they have found as well as the amount inside the specimen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Analysis

1.   What Is Detection Window?

In general, it tends to grow approximately half an inch every single month, and the standard size of specimen tends to be 1.5 inches from the very root.

Since 0.5 inches represents each month, we can easily say that 1.5 inches will determine the presence of drug metabolites in the last 90 days or three months in general.

They have the most extended window of detection when compared with other screening methods, which is perfect solution for employers, but it depends on various factors such as growth rate, metabolic rate as well as frequency of consumption.

2.   What Type Of Drugs Can You Detect In Hair Analysis?

Hair tests tend to detect at least five illegal drugs that you can consume regularly, such as cocaine, phencyclidine, opiates, amphetamines, and weed.

However, you can choose advanced screenings based on the laboratory you consider so that you can detect the misuse of prescription drugs as well as other illegal substances such as steroids among other things.

3.   Can You Use Body Hair for Specimen?

Since things we consume through bloodstream affect entire hair on our bodies, the idea is that administrators can easily take samples from your head or another part of your body and still get conclusive and accurate results.

The main problem lies in the idea that when you decide to shave your head completely, that will not help you avoid the screenings since they can easily use your body hair. Even though body they tend to grow slower, it can provide more distant timeframe than head hair.

For employer to conduct a drug screening, the company needs to implement a drug policy that will regulate everything based on state and federal laws. That is why you should check here to learn how to create and read the policy with ease.

4.   Is It Possible To Beat A Hair Analysis?

The main selling point of drug tests is their efficiency and inability to beat them thoroughly. Therefore, you will not be able to substitute the specimen similarly as with other tests, and it has a long window of detection, which is another crucial consideration you should remember.

However, two methods are efficient but highly invasive because it will leave it dry after a few washings.

You can use the Macujo method as well as Jerry G method, and both of them include using harsh chemicals and following specific steps that will help you remove the toxins directly from the shaft.

The most efficient product for cleansing is Aloe Rid old formula that features certain chemicals that will penetrate the hair shaft and remove unwanted toxins that may cause severe issues.

Disadvantages of Hair Drug Analysis

The worst thing that may happen with a drug test is the ability for external contaminants to affect the results and create false-positive screening.

Of course, the laboratories have found ways to fight this particular problem because they are washing specimens properly to remove unwanted external contaminants because testing methods, we have mentioned above will determine the number of drugs within and not outside.

The tests will not detect the active compounds but only metabolites that your body breaks through the bloodstream, which is another favorable consideration because when checking for presence of weed, it will check only for its metabolites, while second-hand smoke can only contaminate it with active THC.

The biggest problem that happens with analysis is the racial difference since light-colored hair is less susceptible to reach positive result, while dark hair is prone to attract contaminants, which means that chances for false-positive will increase.

Even though large labs will dismiss this particular idea due to bad marketing, the real example stated that the tests could be able to differentiate different types of hair and their natural features of attracting contaminants.

Visit this link: and you will see everything about GC-MS process of hair analysis.

How to Beat a Hair Drug Test?

You can use several things so that you can beat the test with ease. The first method includes shaving off your entire body so that you can avoid the screening altogether.

You can also find numerous detoxification shampoos that feature claims that they will help you pass the drug test by removing unwanted substances from the follicles or by masking the presence of drug metabolites.

Still, the most efficient way to beat a drug test is to stop with consumption, but you have to wait at least four months so that you can pass a hair analysis.



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