What You Need to Know about Detox Drinks for Drug Test Visits

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What You Need to Know about Detox Drinks for Drug Test Visits

There are a lot of employers that will do random drug testing, and even though it has proved safer than other drugs and has well researched medicinal properties, cannabis still has social stigma. Those who use cannabis for recreational comforts or to help with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression may find themselves in a bad position without detox drinks for drug test visits.

What Is a Detox Drink?

Detox drinks are beverages that are used in order to help eliminate toxins from the body. These drinks can be traced, so they are often used before a drug test. Detox drinks have been used to help individuals pass cocaine, nicotine, and marijuana drug tests. Many drinks use an antioxidant formula, which will remove unwanted traces of the drug.

Why Use One of These Drinks?

A company has the right to conduct drug tests for employees. Some big corporations will do tests often, in order to make sure employees aren’t using any illicit substances. Due to these drug tests, detox drinks have gained popularity in past years as a reliable way to pass a drug test.

Marijuana Detox

Marijuana may be one of the more harmless drugs that you could be using, but it can show up in a drug test. It’s also one of the common reasons why people fail a drug test and don’t get the job they want. The chemical that gives users the high is THC. THC can stay in the body and show up on tests longer than different substances, since it gets stored in the fatty tissues that surround different organs in the body. Once it is in the body it slowly releases the chemical, which makes it measurable for longer. In order to truly detox your body, it can take a month. This won’t work for most scheduled drug tests. A detox drink will mask the THC in your system to help you pass the test but, in order to have the drug completely out of your system, you will have to wait.

Natural Detox Drinks

There are plenty of premade natural detox drinks that you can buy, but there are some thinks that could work on their own. Lemon juice can rid the body of toxins, but it does require a lot of it in order to work effectively. It’s unclear why lemon juice can be a detox, but it is acidic and can also be used for cleaning purposes around the house. You want to drink quite a bit before the test. Pure water can also work, but it’s a risky choice. Timing is important here and before the test you want to drink as much water as possible, so that there is mostly water in the urine and the THC amounts are small.

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