Insect bites Symptoms and its treatment.

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Insect bites Symptoms and its treatment.

Insect bites can feel unpleasant but are usually harmless. Not infrequently, the burning or pain is transient. However, if you are allergic, insect bites can sometimes lead to severe reactions. Then you may need immediate care. Get help from getready medical service.

Common symptoms

The symptoms vary depending on which insect has bitten you. The reaction also depends on any allergies.

Wasp and bee

Being stung by a wasp or a bee often causes strong, throbbing pain. It is common for the bite to sting, itch and swell. If you are allergic, you can get a strong reaction which in rare cases can be life-threatening. This is especially true if you get stung in the mouth or throat.

Mosquitoes and gnats

Mosquito and gnat bites are very common and rarely cause any extreme reactions. The skin becomes red, itchy and swollen. Depending on whether you are hypersensitive or not, you may react strongly or barely noticeably.


Flea bites can be reminiscent of mosquito bites. Flea bites often show up as red, itchy rashes on the torso. Often they sit together in the same area with a distance of a few centimetres.


Scabies is an unusual condition in Sweden. When you have scabies, you usually have about ten scabies animals on your body. It usually takes four to six weeks before it starts itching.


Spider bites are unusual in Sweden. The cross spider and the spider can sometimes bite and cause swelling and redness. However, the bite is harmless and the discomfort is usually transient.


Most bites do not need to be treated. The discomfort often goes away on its own after a while. Exceptions apply if you are very allergic. Should you, for example, become pale, dizzy, have difficulty breathing or become very swollen, it is important to seek care directly at the nearest emergency room or call 112.

In many cases, you can relieve bite-related burning, swelling, itching and pain with over-the-counter ointment. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Fleas and scabies, on the other hand, need to be treated for you to get rid of them. If you have scabies, people you have been in close contact with should be treated in parallel, even if they do not show symptoms.

Both fleas and scabies are treated with over-the-counter remedies. Consult your pharmacist.

What can I do myself?

  • Cool the bite to relieve itching and discomfort.
  • Avoid scratching the skin. The risk is that you tear up the skin and thus risk infection.
  • If you are in particularly mosquito-prone areas, mosquito repellent can help. Feel free to dress light, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.
  • When Can My Doctor help?
  • Contact My Doctor if you have been bitten by an insect and experience discomfort from the reaction, or if the symptoms do not go away within a few days. We help you with advice and possible treatment.

Think of:

To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and gnats, you can use light and opaque clothes as they are more attracted to dark clothes. Brakes suck blood just like mosquitoes so these can be persistent and difficult to wave away. Instead, let it settle and slam to get rid of them.

Mosquito repellent is also good against mosquitoes, gnats and brakes. But do not use mosquito repellent on children under three years. Acquire a mosquito net on the pram and cot.

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