Looking for a Moving Company? Consider these Things!

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Looking for a Moving Company? Consider these Things!

Recommendations from Friends and Family

Selecting a reliable and trustworthy firm for moving services in Fort Worth is difficult. With no knowledge of local movers, an Internet search might be the best option for information. Though Internet searches provide the reader with many moving companies, which ones are the best? Is the information on the moving company’s website truthful? Could it be misleading? Just because information appears on a website does not mean its accurate or the truth.

One source for honest and accurate information is to ask friends and family members what for moving services in Fort Worth they have used. Friends and family members will gladly share their thoughts about the movers they used and their recommendations. Hearing firsthand information about moving companies from friends and family is usually more reliable than website claims.

Proven Track Record

While low prices and quick moves are attractive, it doesn’t guarantee good service. Consider moving companies that have been in operation for over five years. While there’s nothing wrong with supporting a startup moving firm, experienced movers can document their on-time service. Are the rates fair? Are damage claims low? Unless the new firm can document a high profile residential or commercial move, it’s best to stay with established moving companies.

Insurance and License

Insist on seeing the moving company’s local or state license and insurance certificates. Firms that won’t provide insurance and licenses or promise to provide them later are fraudulent. Without insurance and licensing, furniture and personal property damage aren’t reimbursable.

Intrastate movers must register with the United States Department of Transportation. A USDOT database search will confirm if your moving company is insurance compliant. The American Moving and Storage Association provides lists of moving companies in all 50 states that are trustworthy.

Good Faith Rates

When asking for estimates, moving companies will provide an hourly estimate based on the property you are moving. Ask if the base rate is subject to change? There are many variables that can occur. Unexpected hourly costs and material. The original customer estimate of the property was low. Heavy objects were not part of the original estimate.

Many stair flights or long distances carrying property to the moving van add man-hours to the estimate. Some movers will send a representative to inspect the property, before the move, to provide more accurate expected costs. Ask about extra fees. If the answers are vague, find another moving firm.

A Perfect Match

Information provided by the customer for moving services in fort worth generates an estimate. It’s an estimate subject to change. All moving jobs are different. No two jobs are the same. Ask the moving company how many men will work the move.

What size truck will transport your furniture, clothing and personal property? Will all the items and boxes for the move fit on the truck? Can the moving company provide additional wardrobe boxes and packing supplies on the day of the move if needed? Can the movers arrive and move the items based on a timetable?

It’s Okay to be Suspicious

Never believe a salesperson that the moving company has experience and holds insurance and license. It’s okay to be suspicious and ask a lot of questions. Ask for its physical street address. Drive by the street address, and view the moving vans. A post office box address could suggest a shady operation. Be suspicious if the moving company asks for a deposit.

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