Fire Extinguishers: Do they expire?

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Fire Extinguishers: Do they expire?

Generally, in Canada, almost all people get installed a fire extinguisher at their dwelling for the safety purpose. Nobody knows when they will have to get help from this fire safety device as most of the houses in Canada are wooden. However, people do not bother about its expiry date. If you yet not get installed a fire extinguisher at your home, you can get in touch with fire extinguishers in Toronto by Steadfast Fire. They are the best fire extinguisher provider in Canada. Now take a look at the life of fire extinguishers:

 There are two categories of fire extinguishers such as; Rechargeable fire extinguisher and Disposable fire extinguisher. The life span of both these Rechargeable fire extinguishers is rationalized below:

  • Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher

Some people like to have a rechargeable fire extinguisher at their building as it has an easy-to-read gauge which displays if an extinguisher reads “Charge” or “Recharge”. This rechargeable fire extinguisher requires to be serviced once after a decade. Some people forget to get it serviced as it provides long-lasting service. But for its better maintenance, get it serviced on time because this has a 6-year warranty.

  • Disposable Fire Extinguisher

Disposable fire extinguishers can be seen on every house as it is generally used in Canada. You need to get it serviced once in every month, so it is full of hassle and seems boring. But, if the disposable fire extinguisher is “Empty” or once the contents are gone, it cannot be fixed. Usually, the Empty disposable fire extinguisher is away and a new one needs to be purchased.

Generally, in two ways your fire extinguisher may expire. On the one side, a rechargeable extinguisher needs to be serviced once every decade. On the other side, a disposable extinguisher may last more than a decade if are serviced once in a month. It does not matter, what type of fire extinguisher you use, the only thing that matters the most is how you use, service, and organize it appropriately. We know those fire extinguishers are meant to save people lives, but how correctly you use it completely depends on you.

If you want to get installed a fire extinguisher at your office or your dwelling, you can seek advice from fire extinguishers in Toronto by Steadfast Fire. They will tell which type of fire extinguisher you should install and how it will benefit you.

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