How to choose an online psychologist?

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How to choose an online psychologist?

How an Online Psychologist Can Help | Talkspace

Perhaps you are wondering on the basis of what criteria to choose the right specialist for you? You may find here the following list helpful.

Knowing what you want to work on with a psychologist

Try to consider what symptoms or problems you’re struggling with made you want to see a specialist.

Psychologists often specify their area of   expertise on the page, so if your symptoms are based on anxiety, for example, you may want a therapist who specializes in treating them.

Session length and frequency

Most therapy sessions last 50 minutes and are held once a week. However, these are not strict rules – sometimes sessions are shorter or longer, there are also people who contact the psychologist more than once a week, as well as those who consult only once a month.

Find out how a given specialist works and whether it suits you.

Online therapy cost

It is worth determining the budget that you can spend on the therapy first. This way, you won’t be wasting time browsing services that you won’t be able to use. Also, be especially careful if you find a therapist working for rates that are significantly below the average.

Personal preferences

Sometimes people have a personal preference as to who they would like to be a psychologist. It comes down to building trust – some people find it easier to open up to someone of the same sex or similar age, for example.

Others – on the contrary, would prefer a person of the opposite sex and, for example, an older person. If you have such preferences, take them into account, it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible during the virtual meeting.

Forms of communication

Online psychotherapy can include texting, voicemail messages, video conferencing, email exchange, and even the use of dedicated applications.

Consider which option will be the most convenient and best for you.

The means of communication are secondary and affect your comfort rather than the effectiveness of the therapy.

Just try it

Before officially starting regular psychotherapy, consider talking to a therapist over the phone or the Internet, or use a single session just to meet a psychologist.

Often an online psychologist also allows you to take advantage of a free “trial” psychotherapy or consultation .

This is a great opportunity to check if the center or this form of communication with a psychologist suits you.

A psychologist is a person to whom you will confide your fears and thoughts. Sometimes, even if the specialist has the appropriate qualifications, he simply does not get along with the client.

If this happens to you and you feel that “something is wrong” – don’t worry, just keep looking. The therapeutic relationship is often a matter of interpersonal “chemistry” that simply may not work.

It is worth getting acquainted with various perspectives on psychotherapy online – thanks to this, you will be able to make a more conscious and reasonable decision.

Advantages of an online psychologist

  • Possibility of reaching people who have difficult access to a traditional meeting with a psychologist (e.g. people in rural areas, people with disabilities, frequent travelers).
  • Online psychological services are convenient and allow a session to be organized more easily (e.g. no travel required).
  • Clients who feel ashamed don’t have to worry about meeting people they know in the waiting room.
  • Some people find it easier to open up when the contact takes place remotely, from the comfort of their own home.

People with anxiety, especially those with social anxiety, may find it difficult to go to a traditional meeting with a psychologist.

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