What Increases the Chances of Insomnia [Safety Tips Inside]

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What Increases the Chances of Insomnia [Safety Tips Inside]


Healthy sleep is beneficial for your body as well as mind. Improper periods of sleep lead to a restless mind and inactive body. Insomnia has been a common problem among over-aged people but it also affects today’s youth also. It is a sleep disorder in which patients face difficulty in the sleeping of sometimes staying asleep.

Insomnia is further bifurcated in primary and secondary types. In primary insomnia, a person is facing sleep problem only and no other health issues have been associated with it. Whereas, when sleep problems are caused due to some other health condition such as cancer, depression, etc then it is secondary insomnia.

When the situation becomes more severe then consult your doctor to identify the reason for insomnia. Proper medication is required for instant relief and Canada Drugs is easily available on certified websites you can buy directly from it.

Here, in this article, we discuss the reasons that increase the chances of insomnia. So, keep calm and have a look at them.

Stress: The foremost reason for unhealthy sleep is mental stress. Tension and over thinking keeps your mind active at night and you face difficulty in sleep. Sometimes stressful events also lead to insomnia.

Hectic Work Schedule: Our mind takes rest only when we sleep. So, for a peaceful and active mind, healthy sleep is very much necessary. Busy work schedule keeps your mind active all the time even during sleep that creates problem in sleeping and ultimately causes insomnia.

Improper Sleeping Habits: Most of the people faced sleeping problem due to poor sleeping habits. Poor sleeping habits include, naps, using smartphones on the bed, watch T.V before sleeping, irregular sleeping time, etc. All these activities hamper your sleep time and cause insomnia.

Medication: Sometimes sleep problem happens as the side effects of certain medication. Most probably blood pressure and asthma medicine lead to the sleep disorder. Pain killers and allergy medication can also disrupt your sleep.

More Alcohol Consumption: As we all know that ‘excess of everything is harmful’. More alcohol consumption prevents deeper sleep and keeps you awake at midnight.

Tips for Prevention of Insomnia:

  •    Avoid Daytime Naps: Usually, we face difficulty in sleeping when we take short naps in the afternoon. For a sound sleep eliminate these short naps in the afternoon.
  •    Healthy Diet: Protein and vitamin-rich food contributes to healthy sleep. But, take food at the right time because timing makes a huge difference.
  •    Regular Physical Activities: Exercise regulates blood flow in your body and leads to better sleep. But, avoid it at bedtime.
  •    Quit Alcohol and Smoking: Alcohol and smoking disrupt your sleep and leads to insomnia. So, it’s better to quit them as soon as possible.
  •    Better Sleeping Environment: A clean, comfortable and darkroom gives a respective environment for sleep and you get better sleep.

So, these are the main causes and preventive majors for insomnia. Hope these tips give you healthy sleep and overcome your insomnia problem.


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