All about the Digital Certificate

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All about the Digital Certificate

What are Digital certificate?

Digital signatures are available here to protect and secure your documents or massages from criminal. Without a signature, your documents are very prone to misuse and scandalous activities. When it comes to security for your identity. This is adds an encryption of all the content you want to sign using both, a public and private key pair.

Your digital id is trusted. Everything gets encrypted. Confidential and unique to you vailidation couldn’t get any easier.

How does it work?

When you buy your digital security, you are guaranteed that your massages and documents will not be altered when it’s on transit. It is called to be a numerical value that is sequenced as a list of characters. A complex mathematical sequence that can only be created by your computer and not by you.

One of the fundamental values of having a digital signature is to guarantee the email or massage you received has not been altered in any way shape or form. This is for legal reasons.

There are different types of digital signatures

Certified signature

Approval signature

Visible digital signature

Invisible digital signature

Also, there are different types of certificates

Server certificate

Personal certificate

Organization certificate

Developer certificate


Why you need a digital certificate

We are blessed with electronic banking and electronic services because we are able to use them form the luxury of home. However, with these innovations of banking and money, come a lot of invaders, hackers and anonymous criminals. Digital certificate will single-handedly make sure you don’t get hacked, and you will be more calm and relaxed.

Encryption alone is not enough because it doesn’t provide proof of identity (of the sender) for the encrypted information

Why do we outclass competition?

On, we are a leading digital signature certificate provider located in India. Our team and expertise allow us to do what we do today, to protect your documents. We are continually looking for effective technology solutions and also, effective document collection process.

We are a mixture of non-technology and technology professionals who provide the needs of clients and this business. Thanks to them, we are able to make come to life. Understanding digital signature can be difficult for newcomers, however, we do our best to ensure that you have an easy learning curve into this field of study.

If you consider yourself a newcomer, you’re in luck. Thankfully, we have 24/7 live support that will aid you will your entire amateur needs and questions. We are dedicated to being close to our clients, as they are our number one priority at all times. Our growing sales graph says it all with how much we have improved as team and business. Live chat support is your best bet for your questions to be answered.

We are growing rapidly, as a digital signature certificate provider company. We have a strong team consisting of 6 states in northern India, and we are about to open our southern branch located in Mumbai, India.

How hard is it to make a signature?

Our signature makes are top-notch. Very fast and convenient. With a click of a button of the signature of your choice (class 2 or class 3, and signature for any type of documents you went) you are on your way to securing your documents.

On other sits, it is usually a lot more complicated to make a signature. On this site, our signature maker is smart, reliable and fast.

What is PKI?

PKI is basically a big component of these signatures. Public key infrastructure is the system that has a set of roles, procedures and policies to create manage, authenticate, etc. the public-key encryption. It is comparative to a driver’s license, as it identifies you for websites and organizations. Also, it secures the connections made between 2 machines and encrypts the information.

Main ways PKI is used:

Securing Emails

Encrypting files

Decrypting files

Digitally signing software

Digitally signing applications

If you would like to know more about PKI, contact our live support tam, and they will answer any extra questions.

Signature app

This is another way to about it, except it’s a bit riskier, basically, you can use your physical signature digitally to secure your documents. This is an easier way to go, but your signature can be forged online, also there is not much security against hackers and criminals. If your documents are very important, go with the safe route and choose digital certificate. Properly implemented digital certificates with public key infrastructure is much more reliable than a digital signature that is handwritten.

This is what a handwritten signature that is made digital would look like. Doesn’t look too good. On the other hand, a digital certificate is too complicated for any forger or hacker to bypass.

Class 2 and class 3 certificates differences

Class 2 is the most bought certificate due to it’s easy to recognize attribute. Most applications recognize this types of certificate because it is usually cheaper and easier/faster to obtain.

Class 3 is a whole new level of security. If you have documents that are extremely sensitive, then you should go this route. Not only will class 3 recognize all class 2 certificates, but it will make you a tad bit more comfortable with your security on an already very secure route to go.

Who should buy our certificates?



Foreign Individuals

Foreign organization

Document signer certificate

IET certificates

What will you need to buy a class 2 or 3 certificate?

This is where it can get a bit long and time-consuming. However, you shouldn’t worry because you are on your way to securing your stuff. All you will need is, as follows:

Pick your digital signature package

Personal info (name, address, phone number, email)

Photo identity proof

Address proof



Payment details

That’s all! In order to buy and use the certificate, this form has to be filled out and sent. Other companies have a much longer form, we kept is as short as we possibly could. For example, a company called clear tax requires you to have 11 long steps in a form. We only require 5-6.

What is the different between digital certificate and digital signature?

A digital certificate is sinned by a company like ours. A trusted company that is also third-party also called a certificate authority. The digital signature is used to verify something. It is an encrypted hash that is encrypted that is encrypted by the private key. The recipient can always make sure the stuff wasn’t tampered with by comparing the value with the encrypted and decrypted signatures.

Examples of the whole process

1-        Michael wants to generate a public and private pair of keys. Or an authority assigned them with a key-pair.

2-        Michael then requests the certificate form the certificate authority (

3- then replies with Michael’s certificate that you have purchased or assigned to. It will include the public key and the digital certificate that is locked by the private key.

4-        Michael then needs to confirm his identity with, and gather the information he received form

5-        Michael send his certificate request to alongside his public key. It is crucial to send your public key at this stage.

6-        The certificate is then signed by signyourdoc.compublic key.

7- receives Michael’s request of his identity. If confirmed, binds Michel’s identity and public key.

8- then verifies the authenticity of the certificate.

9-        Lastly, Michael gets his certificate issued by

Good things to know about digital certificates

It decrease the number of passwords for the user to user to access different network domains. People have worries about their money or sensitive knowledge getting exposed to the public, and some of those people have a mental illness. Well, if you secure your stuff and you’re one of those people, I’d say your life will drastically change for the better. If you’re a really big time deal. Like a big business owner, you can literally hide everything you want to hide behind a single digital signature. As weird as this sounds. It is true, you don’t need more than one certificate ever. You just need to renew the certificate every year or 2.

Depending on what type of secureness you need, our website provides several options. Including class 2 or 3, the signature for income tax, a digital signature for GST, digital for e-tender, e-procurement, class 2 or 3 only signing, class 2 and 3 combos and DGFT digital signature.

After all, we dedicated our website to target professionals, developers, enterprises, etc. it truly is a new and innovative way to secure your privacy and possibly, information for your business or enterprise.

Now you get the idea of digital certificates, but you’re stuck on whether you should pick class 2 or 3.

Class 2 recommended uses


Income tax e-filling

EPFO online transfer


Applying for IEC in DGFT

Cass 3 recommended uses



Internet Banking

You can use class 3 for everything class 2 has to offer, but class 3 is more expensive due to its high protection properties.


Our team really is unique combination of all sorts of people, including diversified professionals in the marketing division. Our marketing team consists of technology geniuses and non-technology professionals. We always learn the latest knowledge, technology, marketing knowledge and more.

We hope you find your digital security form our website and team, thank you and good luck with your security!

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