Ways to Improve the Colorado Teacher Training

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Ways to Improve the Colorado Teacher Training


The way that the United States is currently teaching their young people is a method that is archaic and outdated. The current method pushes the idea of pressing information into the brains of our young people with the hope that they can pass a test. But the world has shifted and reformed. Just like how slapping hands with a ruler is no longer accepted, neither is this archaic style of teaching. But what should be done to improve the teaching of our young people. We have to renovate the way we are training our teachers. Here are a few changes that need to be made to the education policy in Colorado to improve the teaching system.

Remove Standardized Testing

Standardized testing has been proven over and over to be value-less. It doesn’t show any kind of learning trend and it really is only for the states to prove that the teachers are doing their job. Unfortunately, teachers are teaching kids to pass these standardized tests not for real life. So students are leaving high school with no real life experience. Things like taxes, budgeting and other real life circumstances are being overlooked. So even though kids are very smart they are not making good life decisions.

Teachers being Parents

Parents are becoming less and less involved in their child’s education. There is this world view that teachers will take care of educating your child. You just need to stand back and let it happen. However, this lack of parental involvement is causing many issues from behavior problems to students not getting their homework done. Teachers need to be re educated on how to keep parents involved. Teachers need to reform the way they are being taught to do parent teacher conferences. There needs to be a more often and more standardized approach to communicating with the parents of our kids.

Increase Counselor Type Education

Young people these days are suffering more and more from mental health problems. Teachers need to have their training reformed to be able to better spot these problems and get the appropriate people involved. Years ago the way of dealing with mental health issues in young people was to ignore it.

But these days that ignorant approach is deadly. Teachers need to be trained in basic counselor de escalation techniques so they can better support their kids. There should also always be a counselor available to help. Counselor training for all teachers is a massive reform that needs to be done.

Working with What You Got

Teachers are unfortunately suffering from budget cuts that limit what they have available to them to teach. Teachers’ education needs to be reformed to learning how to work with what they have. And on top of that, teachers need to be trained how to better advocate for themselves. It often feels like teachers are pushed down and always told no.

Teachers need to be approaching legislature and other funding to push for adequate funding. For some people this is a tactic that needs to be trained. A lot of people don’t even know where to go for help. So it would be great to reform teacher training to train them how to advocate for themselves better.


Unfortunately, the teaching system in the United States is outdated and needs massively reformed. The education policy in Colorado is up for reformation. They need people to advocate for the teachers of the United States.

To recommend changes from the front lines. Only the Colorado teachers know what changes would make the best difference. Here are just a few teacher reforms that could completely renovate the entire American education system.

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