Profits that customer relationship management program gives to company:

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Profits that customer relationship management program gives to company:

Every person has relatives some of them are good and bad. But let’s look according to the business an aunty always gives some gifts to her nephew and on the other hand there is another who doesn’t give anything to her nephew. Then it’s a normal thing the child will always care for the aunty who gives gifts every time she visited her nephew. This is the same case with the business if a customer is a potential buyer from a company, then the company will pay more attention to this customer and never wanted to lose such a potential customer. But what if the aunty who doesn’t give any gifts to her nephew stared giving gifts by seeing the nature of her nephew.

Then this will be known as Customer relationship management (CRM) program [โปรแกรม CRM, which is the term in Thai] which allows a company to maintain a good relationship with their old clients as well as target the right audience for their product and maintain all the records of the clients for future reference of the company. 

Not every company can afford all the costly software

The CRM software is very costly; yes, they grow the selling percentage, but it is also correct that not every company can afford the costly CRM software. That is why many companies have come up with their CRM software which is affordable and can do the job very efficiently like venio.

Venio CRM software is not less than any costly CRM software. It provides all the necessary thing that a company needs to grow its sales but at a very less amount. They even say that if the business doesn’t grow in 30 days then they will return all the money. It is their words, and not every company can do this. 


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