Factors to consider before buying warehouse pallet racks

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Factors to consider before buying warehouse pallet racks

Warehouse pallet racks are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a warehouse. They help maximize space, and they keep inventory organized so that employees can easily find what they need. Warehouse pallet racks come in many different shapes, sizes, and capacities to suit any size of business. Before you buy warehouse pallet racks in Springdale, AR, however, there are some key factors to consider first:

Understand the different types of pallet racks

There are three main types of pallet racks: vertical, horizontal and hybrid. Vertical pallet racking is the most common type, with individual storage units that are stacked one on top of another. It’s also possible to find specialty racks with configurations that include aisles between each column of pallet bays for easy access by forklifts or hand trucks.

Hybrid racking is a combination of vertical and horizontal storage capabilities within the same structure.

Evaluate your available space

There are several factors to consider when determining the best rack configuration for your facility. First, consider the amount of available space in which you can place racks. Do you already have room for pallets? Where will forklifts be able to access these racks? How far do workers need to reach out in order to retrieve or store pallets? Additionally, how much room do you have left over for other equipment, such as safety equipment, lighting systems, and conveyor belts, that may be needed at some point down the line?

These considerations will help determine what size of racks are ideal for your facility and how many units should be installed within it.

Consider the load capacity of your racks.

The first thing to consider when choosing warehouse pallet racks in Springdale, AR, is the load capacity. This refers to the maximum weight that can be supported by a single rack and the maximum number of pallets that can be stored on it. For example, if you have heavy products or need more storage space than usual, you may require a larger capacity system.

The next factor to consider is how many loads you can store on each level of your racks. Each unit should have enough room for all of your goods as well as additional space for pallets between them. When determining this number, make sure that you only use full-size grippers and pins (if applicable) instead of half-sized versions; otherwise, there won’t be enough room for the products in between them.

Think about how you want to access your pallets

When you think about how you want to access your pallets, there are several options. The first and most common is roof access. This involves reaching the top level of the rack system by either climbing a ladder or using a forklift.

Another option is mezzanine access, which provides a walkway around the outside of the racks so that you can move between levels without having to climb up or down ladders. Floor access is another popular choice because it allows workers to walk on pallet trucks through multiple levels in one large area. This makes it easy for them to travel back and forth quickly with minimal effort.

Don’t overlook safety.

Safety is paramount in any work environment, especially when it comes to the warehouse. You’ll want to ensure that your pallet racks are designed with safety in mind and have been built by a reputable company that takes this into account.

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