How to Play Pennsylvania Baccarat

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How to Play Pennsylvania Baccarat

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, was first introduced in the 14th century and has remained one of the most popular games on casino floors. About 400 years ago, the game was only known to be enjoyed by rich Aristocrats. It has now evolved and can be found in almost any brick and mortar casino. Baccarat’s thrill is tremendous because the game is purely a chance game, and only little can be done about its outcome.

Knowing your way around baccarat rules can increase the odds of winning, although not guaranteed. This contributes to the game’s intrigue and suspense. The rules have since evolved and can now be mastered easily by any willing individual. The game has now shifted from the land-based table version to a digital version that can be played from home. Parx Casino, the largest of the 14 casinos in Pennsylvania, is poised to introduce online Baccarat in a few months.

Pennsylvania Baccarat Gameplay

This James bond style game may seem intimidating at first for newbies but enjoyable for seasoned gamblers. Baccarat, unlike blackjack, does not require any sophisticated gambling skills to play. Depending on the version being played, players only have a choice of 3 to 5 options. Basic gameplay options include;

  • House Hand to Win
  • Player Hand to Win
  • Draw Between House and Player

The house hand is dealt for the dealer (casino) while the player hand is dealt for the player (punter). The hand that accumulates the highest value becomes the winning hand. After the players at the table place their bets, the dealer deals the player hand two cards and the other two for house hand. The ace cards have a total value of 1 while the face cards add up to zero. The first hand, to achieve a value of 8 or 9 naturally, automatically wins. Although relatively rare, both hands may add up to similar values, which is declared a tie between the house and player hands. If at all they both do not attain a value of 8 or 9, the dealer is mandated to deal an extra card to either or both the player and the house.

Land Based Baccarat Vs Online Baccarat

The online version of Pennsylvania baccarat is poised to outperform the land-based live Baccarat offered at Parx. This can be attributed to the convenience of playing online Pennsylvania baccarat from the privacy and comfort of your home. For baccarat newbies, losing your money is inevitable at land-based casinos. But with the online casino baccarat, there is an option for playing zero stakes games as you learn the ropes. Also, on online casinos, there is no significant risk of winners being mugged as they leave the casinos. Pennsylvanian punters will soon benefit from the online Parx casino, which will eliminate the transport and accommodation costs associated with visiting a land-based casino. It is, however, important to note that you can only win by playing real money Pennsylvania baccarat.

Popular Online Pennsylvania Baccarat Variations

  • Chemin De Fer- is the most common baccarat variation in Europe. One big difference in this variation is that players do all the dealings, and the banker role shifts by rotating around the table.
  • European- players have an option to draw or stand at five but closely resembles the Punto Banco version.
  • Mini Baccarat- is the ideal variation for newbies learning the gameplay. The stakes-placed are usually smaller than in most of the other variations; hence the probability of losing a lot is minimal.

The Legality of Playing Pennsylvania Baccarat

Online casinos in Pennsylvania are regulated and controlled by the state’s gambling laws. Gov. Tom Wolf signed HB 271 into law, making it legal to operate and play at regulated online gambling sites.


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