Some Football Matches and the Bets

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Some Football Matches and the Bets


These are advisable bets for experts, as they only make sense if the variables can be controlled. Here’s a list of the most important things to consider before placing a handicap bet:

  • Work out a betting strategy. It will be different if you are betting on a single tournament or more than one in parallel.
  • Choose league, team and betting sites.
  • Collect as much information as possible about the bet. With the handicap, it is advisable to know well not only the sport but also the teams you will bet on.
  • Adapt the handicap to the type of strategy. It can be aggressive, since knowing how to calculate probabilities has control over the related variables.

We are talking about handicap but so far we have not explained very well what it is. So let’s start with the most famous handicap which is the European handicap, take a look:

European handicap

When there is a clear technical disparity between the two teams, there is a type of bet called a handicap. In this bet, goals or points are added for the weaker team or goals or points of the strongest team are reduced to balance the odds. This bet consists of 3 hypotheses:

Team A -1 Draw -1 or +1 and Team B +1


Play Fluminense vs Atletico-GO with a handicap 0: 1. That means Atletico-GO already starts with a goal advantage.

If you bet on Fluminense through this handicap, the Rio team will have to win by 2 or more goals difference.

If you bet on Draw -1, you will only win if the difference is exactly 1 goal for the favorite team, in this case, Fluminense. If you bet on Draw +1, the favorite will have to lose by exactly 1 goal difference. Got the idea? In the case of a Draw, it is as if you were betting for the match to end in a draw, but this +1 and -1 is as if the match in question had already started “hypothetically” with the result 1 × 0 or 0x1. These options are not commonly used, but often have much higher odds and more about 토토사이트 접속이

Asian handicap

This form of handicap is very similar to the European Handicap, but it is simpler to understand and is most commonly used in major bookmakers in the world, as it does not contain the options: “Draw -1 and Draw +1”.

In practice, bets boil down to two options, for example: Play Fluminense vs. Atlético-GO with a handicap:

Fluminense AH -0.5 vs +0,5 Atlético Goianiense

If you bet on Fluminense AH -0.5, it is enough for Fluminense to meet the handicap of -0.5 goals. As there is no half goal in football, a simple victory of Fluminense is enough for your bet to win. That is, it would be the same thing as you bet on a simple victory of Fluminense.


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