Which Hand Should You Wear Your Wedding Ring With?

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Which Hand Should You Wear Your Wedding Ring With?

Choosing and buying a wedding ring is one of the essential steps in your wedding preparations. Unlike floral decorations or wedding cake, this precious object will not stop on the day of the happy celebration and will accompany you throughout your life.

But then here is an essential question arises: which hand to choose for the port of the alliance? It is to this that we will try to respond from a traditional historical point of view but also from a modern point of view, in addition to giving you some practical advice. Now that the Moissanite Rings NYC are available, you can go for

The ring finger of the left hand: a tradition of yesterday and today

In western countries, wearing the ring on the left finger is a tradition. This custom originates from ancient Egypt. This civilization indeed believed that the left hand was the best choice because its vein directly connected the wedding finger to the heart.

Its position is not the only carrier of great symbolism; its form is also endowed with it: The circle which has neither beginning nor end evokes the love. The open portion, which the ring encloses, is itself a symbol of the bridge leading to a new unknown union.

Everything has been arranged, the big day is getting closer, but on which hand will you wear your wedding ring? It often gets confusing, because there are traditionally certain ‘rules’ for wearing a wedding ring on the left or on the right hand. To help you get started in making that choice, we have listed the facts about which hand you wear the wedding ring on! In Alexander Sparks, you can have the best options of the Moissanite Rings.

On which hand do you wear your wedding ring?

A wedding ring is always worn on the ring finger. That’s for sure! But did you know that wearing a wedding ring on the left or right hand varies by person, religion, country and situation?

This is what history says about it.

If we are to believe the ancient traditions of the Romans and Egyptians, wearing a wedding ring on the left comes from the “Vena Amoris”. That is the blood vessel that is directly connected to the heart from the left ring finger and is also called the ‘vein of love’. Also, the left hand is closest to the heart, so if you stick to history, it could be a romantic conviction to wear that wedding ring on your left!

Based on belief

Faith can also play a role in the choice of wearing a Moissanite wedding ring on the left or right hand. In this country, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left by Catholics, while Protestants wear a wedding ring on the right. Where within Islam the wedding ring is often on the right, during the Jewish wedding ceremony the ring is slid around the right hand but afterwards moved again by the bride to the left. So you can see that every faith has its own habits and that the ideas and traditions for wearing a wedding ring differ per belief!

Which hand is the most practical?

Times change, and as an upcoming bridal couple, you are no longer always attached to a religion. On which hand do you wear your wedding ring? Practical preferences often come into play. Are you right-handed? Then the wedding ring is often worn on the left so that it does not get in the way when writing. Do you have a particular job where you use one hand the most? Then it can be an informed decision to wear your wedding ring on your other hand. This is to prevent the ring from damaging quickly because that is, of course, the icing on the cake of your love story!

Wear an engagement ring and wedding ring together

Engagement rings and wedding rings are often worn together. For example, you wear your engagement ring on one hand and your wedding ring on the other. Would you like to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger? Which can? You can choose to upgrade the engagement ring and turn it into a ring set. Check if your engagement ring is made to be worn together with a wedding ring. Otherwise, you will get a gap between both rings, and that is of course not nice!

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The current tradition

Nowadays you see that people often follow the official traditions less strictly and often go for the most practical: if you are right-handed, you wear the wedding ring on the left, and vice versa. The same applies to certain work where you could damage the wedding ring, in which case you wear the ring on the side where you can prevent damage.

History of the wedding ring

For centuries, exchanging wedding rings has been a regular part of a wedding ceremony. But where does this tradition come from? The first wedding ring ever, made of reed stems and was found along the Nile in Egypt. The round shape of a ring represents eternity, and in many ancient cultures, it also meant infinity. That a wedding ring does not always have to be made of gold is evident from the fact that the Romans often made the rings of iron, to symbolize a ‘strong’ marriage. Today, the rings are made of many different precious metals.

Faith traditions

Exchanging the wedding rings is therefore seen as a symbolic meaning for the loyalty to your partner. From faith, it is even a mandatory part of the blessing in the Catholic Church, and the ring is worn on the left hand. After the reformation a reform movement the Protestants found the wedding ring to be inappropriate vanity, and it was abolished entirely. Only in the 19th century did they see the symbolic value again in the wedding ring. From then on, the wedding ring was worn by Protestants on the right hand to defy the Catholic faith.

Connection with your heart

But times change, and nowadays, you are no longer always associated with faith as a bridal couple. On which hand do you wear the wedding ring? Actually, you can determine this yourself. According to an old superstition, the left ring finger is connected to the heart, and you should, therefore, wear the wedding ring on your left. Another consideration you can make is from a practical point of view. Are you left or right-handed? If you wear the ring on the hand that you use the most, the ring can be damaged earlier. On the other hand, the ring will be more visible and everyone can see that you are married to your great love.

Fun facts from abroad

There are also traditions around the wedding ring abroad. In Flanders (Belgium), for example, the ring is worn per region. In West and East Flanders, the wedding ring is worn on the left, in Antwerp and Brabant on the right, while in Limburg it differs per area. In North America and South Africa, most bridal couples wear their wedding ring on the left ring finger. Eastern Orthodox always wears the wedding ring on their right hand, which is also true in Germany. During a Jewish marriage, the ring is slid around the bride’s right index finger, after which the bride often switches the ring to the left ring finger herself.

Many traditions around the wedding ring! As a bridal couple, you can make your own choice. If you have any questions, please contact a professional wedding ring specialist, they will be happy to help you make this choice.


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