How Often Do You Need To Resurface A Flat Commercial Roof

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How Often Do You Need To Resurface A Flat Commercial Roof

Unlike many residential homes that have an obvious sloped roof, the roofs of commercial buildings are typically “flat”. Although it is described as flat, the roof still has a slight slope that most people don’t even notice. A flat roof on a commercial building allows for a rooftop space that can be used for a number of reasons, adding to the value of the building.

However, a flat roof commonly comes with drainage issues and when left unattended can easily turn into pools of water that soon become leaks. The best way to avoid leaks and other building damages is to the roof coated or resurfaced regularly. As business owners, it is best to plan and time the resurfacing to get maximum results minus the expenses.

The best way to know if the roof over your commercial business requires resurfacing is to consult with a roofing McKinney TX expert. Aside from that, here are some factors that may affect the frequency of resurfacing:

Factor #1: Last Resurfacing

If you can’t remember when the last time the roof was resurfaced or coated, it may be time to get it done once more. Experts advise that a flat commercial roof should try to resurface the roof at least once every five years, even if there is no clear sign of damage. Doing this regularly can extend the time span of the flat roof from a mere 10 years to a lot longer.

Factor #2: Amount Of Rain And Snow Within The Area

Those in locations where rain and snow are a regular occurrence should consider roof resurfacing more often. Since the flat roof cannot drain away rain and melted snow it will cause noticeable and significant damage, all the more when rain showers and snowstorm are a normal part of the area’s weather pattern.

Factor #3: Type Of Coating Used

A very popular type of roof coating being used today is called the aluminum coating. These reflective roof coats come with a lot of benefits. Not only do they reflect the sunlight to keep buildings cool during the summer months, but they also help bring down energy bills when external temperatures increase.

Despite their name, the aluminum coating doesn’t dry look metallic at all after drying, they actually turn white. Other benefits of using this type of coating for a flat roof are its antifungal properties and their self-priming capabilities.

Factor #4: Maintenance

Businesses that hire roofing McKinney TX experts to check, maintain, and do some repairs on the flat roof can postpone resurfacing needs for longer. The experts will do a complete check to ensure the roof is still in good health. As long as all minor repairs are caught early and leaks are prevented, your roof can survive at least another year without resurfacing.

There is no standard time and frequency for flat roof resurfacing. As long as you keep the flat roof well-maintained and drain it after a rainstorm to prevent water from pooling, you can increase the expected lifespan significantly. Be sure to have an expert check the health and state of your roof too, just in case you missed any signs of deterioration.

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