How do NCERT books help students in their exam preparation? 

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How do NCERT books help students in their exam preparation? 

The NCERT books are designed for all category of students irrespective of the grade they are studying in. The books are well equipped with all the latest syllabus in accordance with CBSE board. The concepts discussed in these books offer you a wide range of knowledge, which help you to crack any level of complex questions. As this is one of the best books one can use to secure 95% of marks in their board exams students can refer to NCERT books. 

Social Science is one of the subjects where the main focus is on contemporary India and understanding of the social and economic challenges facing the nation. It enables students to understand the relationship between people and their environment and develop an awareness of the need to protect and conserve the environment.

So, topics under social science can be studied using NCERT books which help students to understand the concepts clearly.

Here are a few benefits of using NCERT books for Class 10:

Most of the questions asked in the CBSE board exams are from NCERT books. It is therefore recommended that students refer to these books without fail. In-depth knowledge is provided in these books for any complex topics discussed in any chapter.Brushing up previous year NCERT Syllabus Class 9 Social Science helps in gaining more knowledge when preparing for Class 10 board exams, as questions also appear from previous year syllabus.Keep note of all important topics as questions are often twisted when asked in the CBSE board exams.NCERT books provide simpler answers to the topics discussed in the chapters. So important points should be jotted down, which is useful during exam time for revision purposes. It is best to stick to NCERT books which are prescribed by the CBSE board itself rather than refer to any other books. Since topics are explained in a simple and precise language one can easily understand the topics discussed.These books also help in securing high marks when planned and prepared accordingly. 

Tips for Preparing for Class 10 Board Exams:

 Firstly, plan accordingly. Start with NCERT books, which is the basic reference material one has to go through to score well and subsequently refer to other books.Practising NCERT Syllabus Class 10 Social Science solutions thoroughly helps in securing good marks.Practising more number of times helps in building up time management skills and boosts your confidence level.Try solving previous year question papers, which is another method of gaining that extra edge of Class 10 board exam preparation.If you wish to secure an excellent score, then solving the NCERT class 10 Solutions is an utmost necessity.

Hence, students who aspire to score high marks in Class 10 exams are advised to solve the NCERT books of Class 10 so that they can prepare most proficiently for the exams. Solving the questions from NCERT books will help students to revise the subject and write the exams most confidently.

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