Functions and tasks of warehousing in the logistics system

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Functions and tasks of warehousing in the logistics system


A modern large warehouse is a complex technical structure consisting of numerous interrelated elements, which has a certain structure and performs a number of functions for the transformation of material flows, as well as the accumulation, processing and distribution of goods between consumers. Given this, the warehouse can be represented as a complex system. At the same time, the Self Storage in London itself is only an element of a higher level system Click Here – the logistics chain, which forms the basic requirements for the warehouse system, sets goals and criteria for its optimal functioning.

The main functions of the warehouse

Transformation of the production assortment into the consumer one in accordance with the demand. Of particular importance this function acquires in distribution logistics, where the shopping assortment includes a large list of goods from various manufacturers. Warehousing and storage, allowing to equalize the temporary difference between output and its consumption, as well as to carry out continuous production and supply. Storage of goods is also necessary due to the seasonal consumption of some of them;

Consolidation and transportation of goods – Many consumers order from the warehouses the batch “less than the car” or “less than the container”, which increases the cost of delivering such goods. To reduce transportation costs, the warehouse can perform the function of combining small consignments for several clients before the vehicle is fully loaded;

Provision of various services – Preparation of goods for sale; checking the quantity and quality of goods; freight forwarding services, etc. Providing additional services to customers provides a high level of warehouse service.

Warehouse operations

Functions of warehouses are implemented in the process of implementation of individual logistics operations. The complex of warehouse operations in different warehouses is not the same. The composition of operations performed in the warehouses of the wholesale trade enterprises represents the sequence – unloading of transport; acceptance of goods; placement for storage (laying in racks, piles); selection of goods from storage sites; acquisition and packaging; loading; internal warehouse movement of goods.

The closest relationship of the warehouse with the other participants in the logistics process is in the implementation of operations with input and output material flows, i.e. when performing loading and unloading works. The technology for doing these jobs depends on the nature of the cargo, the type of vehicle, and the type of mechanization used.

Conclusion: Operation Management System

The next significant operation is the acceptance of goods in terms of quantity and quality. In the process of acceptance, the actual parameters of the arrived cargo are reconciled with the data of the accompanying documents. In stock, the quantity and quality accepted cargo is moved to the storage area. Goods from the warehouse of the wholesale enterprise can be delivered to the customer by the forces of this enterprise. More information you can get on the service providers site.

In this case, a shipping expedition is needed in the warehouse, which accumulates the goods prepared for shipment and ensures its delivery to customers. To maintain every operation, you need to know the importance of warehouse management system.

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