Picking the Perfect Corporate Secretary for Singapore Company

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Picking the Perfect Corporate Secretary for Singapore Company

When running a business, you need to have harmony, order, and organization. These are few of the things you should aspire for in your company if you want to operate for a very long time. With these goals in mind, you should hire the perfect corporate secretary for your Singapore company. This person can make sure everything is in line so you can do your job as well.

But what are the duties of a corporate secretary? One thing is for sure: they are many and all are very important. For example, corporate secretaries look over and push for the corporate governance and regulatory compliance of the company. They are making sure that the board of directors are aware of their obligations to the shareholders.

Corporate secretaries are responsible for keeping the company’s records. They ensure that the minutes of every meeting are complete and accurate. At the same time, they handle pertinent documents, including increase in capital stock, amendments in the constitution, and stockholder correspondence.

Lastly, corporate secretaries prepare and plan the regular meetings of the board of directors and shareholders. They handle setting the agenda and managing logistics, among others.

Given that the job of a corporate secretary for a Singapore company is very demanding, you should pick the right one for your business. Here are some of the tips you should consider when you incorporate company in Singapore and begin the hiring process of your corporate secretary.

Tips for Choosing the Corporate Secretary for Singapore Company

When hiring corporate secretaries, entrepreneurs should be well-informed of the criteria. This is to assure they are onboarding someone who can deliver an excellent job. After all, you want some who can add value to the business.

Understanding the role of the corporate secretary

Being a corporate secretary, you are given many tasks at hand. Business owners should pick someone who understands the demand of the job and who has the knowledge in administration, advisory, and fiduciary. A corporate secretary who can handle all aspects can truly bring your company to the next level.

Having Experience in New Ventures

It would be beneficial for a startup company if the business owner would pick a corporate secretary who is familiar with the common issues about bringing a business from ground up. It is the job of the corporate secretary to process and execute all the related paper works accurately. At the same time, because the company secretary has an advisory role, it would also be helpful if they can provide insights on the matter.

Working at the Same Page

You need a corporate secretary for a Singapore company who is moving at the same speed as yours. You would want someone who can adjust quickly in the company so he or she can start bringing in added value.

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