Tips to Keep the Rhodium Ring Shining for Long

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Tips to Keep the Rhodium Ring Shining for Long

When it comes to buying a ring – be it a fashion accessory or an engagement ring, gold ring is a popular choice. However, the usual yellow gold ring is not the only option you have. If you are looking for something more unique and stylish, you can opt for buying a rhodium-plated white gold ring. Rhodium, apart from giving your ring an extra layer of bling and beauty, it also boosts the durability and the strength of the ring. However, just like any other metal, rhodium too tends to wear off, over a period. Here are a few simple tips to keep the rhodium plating on your rings from the scratches and prolong its sheen and life.

  • Avoid using any concentrated cleaning products

The cleaning products contain many chemical ingredients, which will reach with the rhodium and affects its lustre. Also, some of the chemicals tend to scrub off the rhodium plating and expose with white gold underneath, which in turn when exposed to various elements can deteriorate the shine further. It is therefore important that you avoid using any harsh chemical cleaning products that you use for cleaning furniture or glass to clean the ring. Make sure that consult a qualified jeweller about what cleaning products you can use for the ring.

Also, if the use of chemical products is unavoidable, make sure that you wear safety gloves while using such products; otherwise, you would risk getting burns or injuring your skin.

  • Never rub the plating

A lot of people tend to fiddle with their rings without realising the fact that the rubbing motion can cause wear and tear of the ring. When you wash your hands or bath, the rubbing of hands can wear down the sheen of the rhodium faster. If you involved in a profession that requires to wash your hands regularly, it would be advisable that you take off the ring while working. If you don’t want to take off the ring, make sure that you avoid rubbing the fingers while washing to keep the ring protected.

  • Be wary of the cosmetics and perfume

One of the easiest ways to prolong the shine on your rhodium-plated ring is to keep it protected from the exposure to various cosmetic products you may use daily. After applying the cream, oil or perfume, make sure that you gently wipe off the residue from the ring with a clean and soft cloth. The chemical substances of the perfume and creams tend to settle on the ring, and it can react with the rhodium and cause it to break down. To avoid this, it would be best advised that you take the ring off while applying cream and oils and put it back when the oil and cream have dried off.

Even if you follow the above guidelines, the shine on the rhodium ring typically will last for about 3-5 years after which you may need a re-plating. Make sure that you get the re-plating done from only a reputed jeweller to restore its shine and get rid of the scar marks.


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