St Joan Festivities Cancelled! What To Expect Now In Menorca?

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St Joan Festivities Cancelled! What To Expect Now In Menorca?

Quarantine in Menorca is still on, as it is all over Spain and Europe whatsoever. As this is one of the smallest Balearic Islands, it would seem that the very small population numbers would make it a less prioritized spot for the strength of these measures, but far from this scenario, it turns out that Menorca’s inhabitants can’t even go fishing inside their properties or the time being, and even cancelling St Joan festivities, which is one of Menorca’s biggest happenings.

This lockdown scenario has made people turn more creative on the different ways to do things without having to leave their houses. It is to be kept in mind that many people that inhabits Menorca during this lockdown are not even locals; thus means that an important number of people that are spending their quarantine time locked up in this island come from faraway lands.

It is highly unadvised to go out of the house for any small reason, but as there is no public transportation working right now because of the lockdown, looking for car hire Menorca services is fundamental especially for those who are far away from home and are in a dire need of going out because of a specific situation.

It has become a trending topic in both Twitter and Instagram the initiative of Menorca’s neighbors to deliver DVDs for those who can’t leave their houses, but don’t have access to WIFI. Delivery services are still up and working everyday to make it easier for the general population and especially for the elderly to get their groceries delivered to their doors.

Even thought Spain is one of the places that has been hit the hardest by the pandemic situation, it has been a couple of days since the Spanish government relaxed the measures for the quarantine, thus allowing a small portion of the population to go back to work, this is not yet ready to be applied in Menorca where a high number of its habitants is composed on people on an advanced group of age. So far 134 deaths have been reported across the while Balearic Islands, with over 938 patients showing signs of full recovery.  Thus however is not a sign that the situation will be over in a short term.


It is just a matter of time for the pandemic situation to be a thing of the past, and once that happens it will be the time to make a damage control for the touristic sector, which is the main source of income for a huge number of people.




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