Matthew Davies Examines Amazing Toppers to Make Oatmeal Less Boring

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Matthew Davies Examines Amazing Toppers to Make Oatmeal Less Boring


Oats are considered a superfood because of the amazing health benefits they offer. They are packed with nutrients including some complex carbohydrates that provide long-lasting energy. Because of these benefits, they are becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast option. Plain oats are boring to eat but you can make them a tasty bowl of nutritious diet by topping them up with some ingredients. Matthew Davies believes that topping food with the correct ingredients can make them super tasty.

The Toppers

Listed below are some amazing toppers to make your oats less boring:

  1. Berries and seeds- Oats are packed with a fiber called beta-glucan that is known for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. If you top your oats with berries like blueberries and agave, they work as an antioxidant boost. Together, they serve the purpose of letting you enjoy clear skin and an active body. Super seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds can also be added to make it a tasty and healthy breakfast.
  2. Peanut butter and banana- For all you gym-goers, you need a healthy pre-workout and post-workout food. Top your oats with banana and peanut butter to add both taste and energy-boosting nutrients. For a heavy workout session or a busy day ahead, you might add cinnamon and walnuts in addition to bananas.
  3. Pistachios and dried cranberries- To take good care of your heart, you must eat a healthy breakfast and exercise well. When you top your oats with pistachios and dried cranberries, you not only give it a tasty twist but also ensure a healthier heart. Use mixed berries for their weight-reducing effects and also because they serve as an excellent topping idea for your boring oats. 
  4. Pineapple and mint- During summer, you need the additional benefit of a refreshing breakfast along with tasty flavors. Try topping your oats with mint for a breathtaking freshness and pineapple that helps you to remain hydrated. For tropical fruit lovers, mango pieces and coconut flakes turn your oats into a mouth-watering breakfast option. 
  5. Apple and cocoa powder- A healthy meal allows you to cut down on your sugar consumption. However, there are times when you might crave an apple pie. Top your oats with apple and cinnamon powder to substitute an apple pie. For dessert, you may add cocoa powder, coconut flakes, and vanilla extract to your bowl of oats and make your dessert a healthy and tasty one. 
  6. Oranges and kiwi- Vitamin C has a lot of health benefits that you may not be aware of. It helps you to fight heart diseases, reduce uric acid levels, and may help fight high blood pressure. For a Vitamin C boost, add oranges, grapes, and kiwis to your oats and turn it into a wonderful meal. It is best to ditch the pre-packed flavored oats as they are full of refined sugars and preservatives that are not good for your system. 


With these amazing topping ideas, you don’t have to treat your oats as a boring meal at all. Matthew Davies suggests you try them to get additional health benefits as well. See what works best for you and keep switching the options to never get tired of the taste of oats.

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