How You Can Use Giveaway Products To Boost Your Brand

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How You Can Use Giveaway Products To Boost Your Brand

It seems like no matter how much stuff we already have, there is always an allure when it comes to freebies. Every potential and loyal customer like getting free items, branded or now. Since customized promotional items from the print shop Calgary company trust are always such a hit, it only makes sense to use giveaways as a marketing strategy.

If your company has yet to do a branded giveaway to reach a wider range of potential customers, here are some ideas worth trying:

Brand Ambassadors Love Promotional Freebies

Although most marketing efforts have shifted towards the digital world, there is still something special with actual physical marketing products. Companies who want to reach out to potential influencers and brand ambassadors can do this more effectively using promotional products.

Studies have shown that brand ambassadors are more likely to promote and use products from brands that offer them freebies. Having one influencer promote your brand across their social media platform is an ad no other tactic can compete during this digital age.

Longer Advertising

PPC or online ads are only seen by your potential customers for a few minutes at best. Many times they are ignored and the conversion is long forgotten. When it comes to printed ads such as the business cards Calgary print shops design and provide, they are seen for longer periods of time.

What’s more, promotional items tend to be used for at least 8 months by those who receive them meaning your brand is getting free promotion for an extended period. The more customers love the branded giveaway, the more they are willing to use it which is favorable for your branding goals.

Brand Awareness

Bigger brands don’t have to do branded giveaways because their customers already know about their products. The same cannot be said for smaller brands and local companies. Work with the print shop Calgary businesses already know and trust to create a line of branded promotional items you can use as giveaways.

This is an excellent way of reaching out to every potential customer even if they aren’t aware of your brand, products, or services. One look at the branded giveaway and they’ll become familiar with what your brand can offer.

Social Media Giveaways

Since not everyone today is willing to drive to a shop just to get their hands on some free items, why not make the giveaway easier for them? Offer prizes and rewards via social media through a random raffle draw to get your audience interested.

Simple mechanics such as liking, then sharing the post, and tagging a few friends will get the word out about your brand. The thrill of getting a reward in return makes an excellent motivator. Add an incentive of the more people who participate, the more prizes are in store and watch as the number of likes and shares increase by the hour.

The key to marketing success today is to use both traditional printed ads like business cards Calgary with online marketing tactics. When your brand achieves this, your target audience will start paying attention.


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