Drugs For a Cancer Treatment Guide

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Drugs For a Cancer Treatment Guide

Drug research and development for treating cancer has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Hundreds of medicines are available to limit the spread of cancer as well as treat the disease. Summaries of these medications, their side effects, and breakdowns of combinations of medications are available on the Internet. In addition to doctors’ orders, patients should gather as much information as possible about their drugs for cancer treatment in order to identify any harmful side effects and prevent any further bodily harm from occurring.

  • Prostate cancer. Advodart and Cardura XL are two common oral medications used in the treatment of prostate cancer. The former is used to shrink the prostate when it is enlarged by lowering the amounts of hormone responsible for the growth. The latter medication is used to relax the muscles in the prostate that lead to the feeling of needing to urinate frequently and in the middle of the night.
  • Breast cancer. Abraxane, Aredia, and Arimidex are three different drugs used to treat breast cancer. The first two are used through an IV, and the last is taken orally. Abraxane stops cancer cell growth. High blood calcium levels commonly occur with cancer, and Aredia is used to bring these down to a normal level. Efudex Generic is only used by women who have experienced menopause and need their estrogen levels balanced.
  • Lung cancer. Alimta is a lung cancer medication that stops the growth of cancer cells in the body which ultimately stops the cancer from spreading. This medication is used to treat the type of lung cancer that results from exposure to asbestos. Ingesting photofrin increases the body’s sensitivity to light, so this medication is used in conjunction with laser treatment to decrease the size of the tumor.
  • Skin cancer. Carac is a topical medication that is used in the treatment of skin cancer by killing rapidly growing abnormal skin cells. Efudex Cream is a medication that is used to treat overgrowths of skin related to cancer, and it is also used topically. Surgery, laser lights, and chemotherapy are other forms of skin cancer treatment.

These are a few of the medications that are used to treat America’s most common types of cancer. Often, a combination of drugs is required to stop the spread of cancer and eliminate it. Drugs for cancer are prescribed by a doctor to treat an individual’s unique stage and form of illness. Carrying out extensive research on these drugs will ensure the best possible results for patients as they become more knowledgeable about their own treatment process.

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