Benefits of Vertical Storage Facility

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Benefits of Vertical Storage Facility

Hanel lean lift is a confined collection of trays that immediately brings items straight to the operator.

  1. Minimized Labor Expenses

With Vertical Storage Facility, you can minimize your labor prices given that they can automate a lot of the procedures that as soon as required one or more individuals. The vertical storage facilities additionally just need someone to operate it. The VLMs will permit you to:

  • Automate your material handling flow
  • Reduce product handling
  • Improve your replenishment operations
  • Provide an ergonomic technique for bulk handling
  • Boost your system versatility
  • Track and control stock with software-enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Improve the accuracy of your supply control
  • Boost your SKU monitoring as well as slotting
  1. Raised Area Utilization

The vertical storage facilities take up significantly less space than racking and shelving with aisles. The vertical storage facilities call for no additional room for aisles and store all of your materials in one compact location.

  • Decrease cubic room needs up to 80% in as much as 85% much less flooring room
  • Vertical storage facilities utilize the greatest feasible storage space; automated re-slotting occurs when new things with different heights are stored
  • Vertical storage facilities shuttles can be specified within 1″ of ceiling height in a very little footprint
  • Highest possible offered storage thickness due to tray and rail design
  1. Raised Inventory Control

  • Reduced managerial requirements with a small, distinct workplace for staff members that no longer have to relocate in between numerous locations
  • Computer-driven storage space tasks enhance choosing and permit set order handling
  • Tray weight administration makes certain that trays cannot be strained; the device will not store them up until remedied
  • System weight management system makes sure that the device does not go beyond any kind of architectural design needs
  • Log-on and log-off passwords define that is running each tool and helps with tracking and records
  • Completely enclosed systems enhance protection with password accessibility


  • Get rid of flexing and reaching for saved products
  • Tray shipment elevation can be adjusted to different accessibility elevations to fit various drivers
  • Large and hefty things supplied to ergonomically correct heights

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