Awe Your Guests with Stylish Vinyl or Laminate Design Floorings

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Awe Your Guests with Stylish Vinyl or Laminate Design Floorings

Vinyl and laminate floorings look great when installed, but the only confusion people have is which would be a better option for their homes. First and foremost, you need to understand the basic differences between them and then decide which would best suit your budget.

Design and Durability

When you are installing floorings, you would want it to last for long since you are investing so much. Vinyl is made from PVC and can also be a combination of PVC and wood. It consists of various layers that protect your floors from scratches or sun damage.

Laminate floorings, on the other hand, consist of 3 layers made from plywood or fiberboard, an image layer, and a protective wear layer. If you want to mimic hardwood floorings, then laminate floorings will be an apt choice for you.

Now, either these floorings can be DIY as they come with a click and lock mechanism or you can check out the listings of credible flooring suppliers on Flooring Domain which is considered to be the best flooring directory and online marketplace in Australia. If you have just shifted to Australia, this directory can be your best shot.

When compared to laminate floorings, vinyl flooring can be used in all the interiors of your home as it is more water-proof than its counterpart. When it comes to durability, then vinyl floorings tend to be the first choice as it is made up of multiple layers, which tend to make them thicker and tougher.

Laminate floorings, on the other hand, when exposed to water can get damaged or scratched. You might need to replace the entire flooring as it cannot be repaired.

Cleaning and Cost

Laminate and Vinyl floorings are easy to clean. The only difference is that you might need to use a damp cloth or broom for laminate floorings. In case of vinyl floorings, you can use scrubbers or wet mops for deeper cleaning.

If you are looking for budgeted floorings, then both will be an apt option for you. If you opt for high-quality branded floorings, the costs might shoot up a notch or two. If you live in the US, then you can check on Flooring Domain, which is the best flooring directory and online marketplace in the USA to get free quotes from flooring suppliers.

Other factors that can help you make a choice on which floorings to choose include:

  • Laminate floorings have a better resale value than vinyl floorings
  • Vinyl flooring of good quality comes with soft padding making it more comfortable to walk on than laminate ones
  • Many of the vinyl floorings come with anti-skid protection making it an apt choice for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Laminate floorings can be used in rooms that require less moisture
  • Laminate floorings are more environmental-friendly than vinyl floorings

If you want to be updated on the latest designs, textures, and patterns in laminate and vinyl floorings, you can read the blogs on Flooring Domain which is considered to be the best blog in the flooring industry. You can even read reviews and interviews of top flooring suppliers and decide which flooring would be best for your home.


Ensure that you stick to your budget when choosing the flooring for your homes. View the pros and cons of each flooring before you invest in them.

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