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Welcome carpets are also called Doormats, and entrance carpets. The original versions were made of knitted blades carpets  of grass or stalk. They also come in different sizes, shapes, designs, depending on the place they came from they also come in different and type of materials. Grass is the main material in Japan and other Eastern countries.

In Hindu countries, the chief component of welcome carpets can be grass, dwarf palm, coconut palm, or screw pine. 

Depending on its use, the type of material that is used in carpet is made of tin and also they are different. Nylon, rubber, stalks, aluminum, and other metals can make up an entrance carpet while absorbent and nonslip mats are used in bathrooms

Types of welcome carpets

  1. Scraper carpets
  • Before coming into your home, many people scrape off their shoes so that’s why these carpets are made to place outside of your door so that they don’t track dirt and debris inside.
  • Their designs are harsh, have edges, and that is perfect for placing against your shoe to make it easier to do the scratching. These carpets are not fade easily because they are made up of tough materials, including PVC, coir, and vinyl. They have a vinyl back to make them last a lot longer and their fiber is usually very dense
  1. Interior carpets
  • For the indoors, specifically interior carpets are made, they come in different colors and designs. They are not fading from the sun or damaged by other elements so don’t worry about it.
  • This means they often come in various colors and designs on them since there is no need to worry about fading from the sun or damage from other elements.
  • These carpets can remove dirt and water very easily from visitors’ shoes and also look good in your home.
  1. Indoor/Outdoor carpets
  • These carpets can be placed on the inside or the outside of your home or office as the name implies, regardless of the weather or the elements, their materials are strong and endure
  • It is suggested that you check both the capability to scrape dirt off shoes and their absorption capability if a carpet is both indoors and outdoors. Because these things are important both the carpets
  • Whether you use this type of carpet for your home or your business, these carpets can be decorative and attractive as well as sturdy and well-made.
  1. Decorative carpets
  • The main characteristic of decorative carpets is their uniqueness and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. These carpets have come with company names and logos, that can enhance your home and business like they come with bright colors of favorite flowers or sceneries, names or initials of family members, logos of favorite sports teams, nationalistic designs, and even symmetrical or fascinating designs to attract visitors or customers
  • In decorative carpets, custom-made designs are also available which means you can order them in any design you enjoy or if you thought up the idea yourself.

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