Enjoy the experience of casino games with Ace2Three and GetMega’s app

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Enjoy the experience of casino games with Ace2Three and GetMega’s app

Head Digital Works Private Limited owns and operates Ace2Three, which is India’s first online rummy portal. They take pride in being the first website to introduce the traditional Indian Rummy game. Ace2three is on a mission to promote Rummy as a professional game and build a community of knowledgeable players just as GetMega, another leading card gaming app that has been emerging as one of the most-played apps in India.

If you think playing Rummy is a criminal offense, you are totally wrong. Rummy is a skill-based game as opposed to a chance-based game. Rummy is completely lawful to play since it requires skill to win. In India, it is also permitted to play Rummy online. Ace2Three as well as GetMega understand the demands of Indian online gaming and strive to deliver better and faster outcomes with our software. Their software is developed on a proprietary architecture that allows them to run Multi-Player Tables and Online Tournaments easily.

Gaming experience of Ace2Three

Ace2Three’s vibrant tables and engaging user experience will draw even the most disinterested players to the game portals. It allows players of various skill levels to compete against one another to develop their skills. The simplicity with which players may transition between different game kinds appeals to players since it allows them to express themselves more freely.

Ace2Three is a player-friendly and reliable gaming platform. They value user feedback; therefore, they ran a survey among its players as part of the process. As a result, they think it is critical to raise player awareness of their efforts to promote fair gameplay. Ace2Three’s games are completely fair, safe, and secure.

Winning on the leaderboards is a testament to your ability and unrelenting commitment to success. The Ace2Three leaderboards have always piqued the interest of gamers. The excitement of chasing Big Wins has always aroused players’ interest. It makes people want to come back for more. People from many areas of life, not just the wealthy, benefit from these Leaderboards. The playing field has been balanced for all tier gamers, allowing everyone to compete and get their fair share. If you have a competitive attitude, a leader board is a great option.

The objective of the rummy game on Ace2Three is to use all 13 cards to create sequences of sets. There must be at least two sequences, one of which must be pure (i.e. without a joker) and the other of which can be pure or impure. At any one time, only two pure groups can form (same cards of different suits). The game begins with a coin flip to determine who would make the opening move. To play successful online Rummy, start by making a pure series, then go on to the second sequence, and finally, seek more cards to finish sequences or sets.

About GetMega

The gameplay of GetMega has been fine-tuned for maximum fun. Depending on the game, the gameplay is either horizontal or vertical. The game’s features are more prominently displayed, enabling you to focus simply on the game. The major components are easily identified and used thanks to the use of bright colours. GetMega accepts only actual people with a phone number and a Facebook account. These players’ Facebook photographs can be used to verify them.

While featuring more than 5,000,000 registered users, 50,000 monthly active players, and 10,000 daily active gamers, GetMega only permits genuine people to play; bots are not permitted. The app only accepts verified accounts and only offers legal, skill-based games that are not based on chance or luck. GetMega is a member of the AIGF and has received RNG certification (All India Gaming Federation).

GetMega is India’s only real-money gambling platform with video chat capabilities. While playing with your buddies, you may enjoy the high-resolution video and HD sound. You may play more than eight games on the app; all of them involve video chat. It’s a great game to play with friends and family because of this feature.

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