7 Original Nazi And WWII Artifacts You Can Buy From A Museum

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7 Original Nazi And WWII Artifacts You Can Buy From A Museum

If you are a fan of all things history, then you might want to get your hands on some World War 2 artifacts. Some of the most popular options that people get are things like Nazi flags for sale. If you are wondering what are good Nazi flags for sale and other World War 2 artifacts, here are 7 original items you can purchase from museums.

Original WWII German NSDAP (Nazi) Party Flag

This is an original WWII German Party flag that has been autographed by US soldiers. The swastika means well being in Sanskrit and has been used in many cultures around the world for various reasons. However, it was most noted for its use and symbolism in WWII.

The Birth Of The Nazi #1 Issue

One of the more extremely rare artifacts that you can get your hands on is the first issue that was released when Hitler got out of prison. Very few of these remain around the world.

Original WWII Waffen SS Sleeve Eagle

Some veterans from World War 2 have brought this home, however, you can also purchase them to add to your historical collection. These are very rare and definitely a treasure worth getting.

Original WWII German Cased 25 Year Silver Faithful Service Medal

These were first being given out in the year 1938 once Hitler decided to give these to people who had proven themselves to be faithful based on how long they have been serving. This was given to the civilian population rather than the military to encourage them and gain more loyalty.

Adolf Hitler NSDAP Small Poster

Majority of Nazi based items were destroyed in Germany due to the law, however, items like these still remain that you can purchase. Original posters of Hitler during this time are extremely rare to get your hands on.

Original WWII German Luftwaffe Drum Drape Panel

A lot of the items you will find from WWII would have been brought to other countries by American soldiers because they are seen as trophies of war, like this item, which makes this one extremely rare. This drum drape is very high quality and it would be placed on drums during formal formations and parades during the time of World War 2. This one has a pillowed back and cloth, which makes it a well-made item.

WWII Era Allgemeine SS Black Visor Hat

If you are a true budding fan of history, you would definitely want to grab this item. This item was definitely notable for the era that it was used in. This particular one is in mint condition because it was untouched. Finding items from this era in good condition is very hard to do, so this piece, in particular, is very special.

If you are planning on adding some items into a history collection or would like to have some special items to show off, then getting some WWII artifacts is a great conversation starter to have and wonderful pieces to add to your collection. Items from WWII are nearly impossible to find, so these are definitely ones that are worth investing in.

Whether you’re a WWII memorabilia collector or a history buff looking for Nazi flags for sale, check out our collection at the Gettysburg Museum of History. Beware of fake items out there, only buy from trusted sources.



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