Top 5 Things to Do in Sanur Bali, Indonesia

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Top 5 Things to Do in Sanur Bali, Indonesia

Sanur is famous for being a quaint little seaside town in Bali that offers a quieter piece of the island to visitors. Far from hubs like Kuta or Seminyak, families flock here for the serene atmosphere and the child-friendly beaches. There is not any surfing spot here, so if you are chasing waves, then you’d be better off heading elsewhere. Still, Sanur is challenging to beat if you want a beach vacation in Bali.

Besides soft sandy beaches, you can also find a wide selection of resorts in addition to eateries and hotels that are smaller. There are not a massive number of attractions here like museums, but the tourist attractions are fascinating. The main reason to visit Sanur would be to take it easy and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali. 

Among the best things to do is spend the day on the beach and dine on fresh fish at night. If you are searching for something to do in the evenings, you can come across a few charming bars and live music events. Let’s explore the exciting things to do in Sanur Bali.

  1. Witness the Blanjong Pillar

The Blanjong Pillar is most likely the top attraction in Sanur. It is famous for being the oldest artefact in Bali. Relationship from 914 AD, the pillar is a rock inscription that was fashioned at the time of the king of Bali, Kesari Waemadewa. The component is an attraction, and it hasn’t been interpreted as the text is in Sanskrit and Balinese. You will discover it on a side road off Jalan Danau Poso walk along the way till you’re in front of Pura Blanjong and take the alleyway.

  1. Eat Some Gelato in Massimo

Situated on Jalan Danau Tamblingan is a prestigious gelato in Sanur called Massimo. This eatery put in a leafy Balinese courtyard is known all around Bali. It includes an Italian restaurant which is operated and owned by a local expatriate. The major draw here, however, is the restaurant which serves up delicious gelato that’s homemade and is perfect if you are a fast walker and have a sweet tooth.

  1. Go for a Walk Along the Promenade

Among the most desirable areas of Sanur is the shoreline, which is flanked with a paved walkway that wraps about the edge of the ocean and is the perfect place to go for an afternoon walk. As it’s easy to walk along the path if you have young children in a desk, families flock here, or you could rent your own set of a cycle, and brakes take in the scenery along the way. The other things that you can look out include the traditional boats that bob on the water. The promenade is dotted with restaurants and cafes if your walk or ride gets a little tiring, where you can stop for refreshments.

  1. Get a tour at Museum Le Mayeur

This museum is one of the best quirky attractions in Sanur. It is a tradition which sits on the site of this former residence of a Belgian expatriate named Le Mayeur de Merpres. Le Mayeur dwelt until you can explore 1958 in Bali and his home which showcases his collections. A lot of the artwork on the show is made up of paintings of his spouse who had been a dancer called Ni Wayan Polok Tjoelik. After Le Mayeur died the house has been transformed into a museum, and it’s still very much alike when he was in there, as it might have been. You may also walk around the Balinese compound that encircles the house, and enjoy beautiful light and the scenery that would have inspired many of the artist’s creations.

  1. Shopping on Jalan Danau Tamblingan

The primary street that runs through Sanur is called Jalan Danau Tamblingan, and it’s here that you can find a centre of hotels, eateries, and cafes. It’s also the place that you must visit. Suppose you wish to go shopping in some retail store because the street is lined with arts and crafts stores that sell souvenirs and gifts, including a vast range of local handicrafts. Here, you can pick up some products, such as traditional masks, colourful paper kites, and ornate wood carvings of famous Balinese figures.

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