5 Best Places in India for Street Photography

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5 Best Places in India for Street Photography

Street photography is a great photography genre. It helps you to document the era you are living in. One can overcome the challenges of social boundaries and experience ‘travel’ like a local. Every picture turns out to be unique, unpredictable and visually appealing. Snapping also gives the body a purpose. This is because you are constantly on the hunt for the next shot. India is replete with plenty of picturesque destinations. 

Street photography is legal here unlike in Japan or Sweden. But make sure to take consent from people before clicking to avoid trouble. Anyone taking a travel photography trip is putting their time to good use. Have a look at the best cities to get a few mind-blowing shots. 

  • Guwahati 

This is the heart of the North East and a hotspot for street photography. The surreal beauty of tea gardens on misty mornings is perfect to capture fantastic nature photos. The eclectic colour combination of the dew-filled green leaves under the bright blue sky is quite alluring. After landing via Kolkata to Guwahati flight, check out how to reach Sonapur Tea Estate. Here you can also snap the plantation workers and their little ones who accompany the parents. 

  • Delhi 

The capital is a mix of history and modernity. It is a popular photography destination since the street’s corners are adorned with monuments, chaotic bazaars, mosques, gurdwaras, lakes, museums, libraries and ancient landmarks. You can capture the sadness, humour, irony and beauty of everyday life. Make sure to book Pune to Delhi flights during October-November or January-March. The winterish weather is perfect for daytime shoots.  

  • Bengaluru 

Numerous places offer symmetrical street photography. Read about KR Market, VV Puram, Avenue Street, Shivaji Nagar, Majestic, MG Road and Pottery Town after deboarding your Delhi to Bengaluru flights. You can photograph all kinds of subjects like the chaos of vendors, shops and activities, friendly locals and traditional pots making. Ace photographers usually click the market-life, a range of hues and the vibrant commercialization of the city. 

  • Jaipur 

Rajasthani cities offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The enormous forts and palaces, lakes and sarovars and the roadside puppetry art make for stunning shots. Jaipur is known as the Pink City. Here you can capture the romantic dusty pink architectural wonders. The colourful and elaborate Rajasthani cuisine is also worth clicking. You can also frame men and women in their traditional attires which are a treat to the eyes. 

  • Kolkata 

You will a number of things here that are missing elsewhere. The iconic trams and hand-pulled rickshaws are the best examples. You will also come across the largest non-stop flower market (Mullikbazaar) and the world’s largest second-hand book market (College Street). Art exhibitions, literary fairs, and concerts are in plenty too. Do capture the buildings of the Victorian era and old-worldly houses semi-circular balconies, colourful doors and cast-iron railings before heading home via Kolkata to Guwahati flight. 

Avoid the monsoon season. Wear comfortable shoes since you might have to walk through the lanes. Click things that are unique to every city instead of general photos. Try to tell and story and evoke emotions through your work. 


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