Three Helpful Tips when Playing a Fish Slot Machine

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Three Helpful Tips when Playing a Fish Slot Machine

Fish shooting games have attracted many people with a beautiful graphical interface and attractive prizes. Playing these games is easy so there is a good chance of winning. However, a smart player knows how to collect big amounts of coins in a Tembak ikan game without spending too much money. Read on to know how to play a fish shot machine and increase your chances of winning:

Don’t Focus on Shooting Big Fish

A lot of players focus on shooting big fish to win a lot of points. But, this approach is doesn’t kill fish and makes you lose points and bullets. Rather, it is a good idea to take advantage of the small angle of the fish shot machine. To successfully play the machine, turn the barrel continuously around the table and shoot one by one. This allows two bullets to go in different directions. Also, you must shoot slowly so everyone goes in one direction and don’t concentrate on the whiskers going through positions. The higher probability of dying is the benefit of this play. Bullets fired in a lot of directions hit much fish, nearly one bullet hit a different fish.

Shoot Only that Have Left the Table

Because of how the firing machine is adjusted, some fishes will die when they first come out. Thus, you must calculate and pay attention to shoot as soon as it comes out. With this technique, you can get the mission point by applying a small fish whisker.

Control the Speed

When shooting at a small fish, do it at a slow speed. You can kill the small fish with a low level of bullets. But, you must increase the firing level to shoot more fish in bigger sizes. Also, incremental shootings will help you control the simplest speed throughout all fishing journeys.

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