How To Get My Tap Water To Taste Like Bottled Water

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How To Get My Tap Water To Taste Like Bottled Water

Yes, water is good for us. Meanwhile, it is not only good for us but it is good for our total existence. Our body is made up of up to 70% of water so our body cells and system can only function well when they are constantly bathed in enough water. Lack of water or dehydration can cause harm to the cells and organs of the human body. You may be able to stay without food for weeks, but you can’t do so without water.

Health authorities have recommended that every individual should drink up to 8-ounce glasses/ 2 liters of water every day. This way, we can prevent dehydration from our society. However, a lot of people find it difficult to keep up with this recommendation. The most common reason for this is the condition of the water delivered to their household. It is only logical for anyone to avoid something that is not pleasant to them.

Many people have queried why their tap water doesn’t taste like bottled water. After trying so many tips like boiling, freezing, and the likes, people still complain about not getting the spring taste of bottled water. Bottled water, on the other hand, is exaggeratedly expensive and it is just unnecessary to spend excessively on it if there is a solution to the taste of water in your home.

The one way to get your tap water to taste like bottled water is by purchasing a water filter for your home. The truth is that there is no improving the taste of your water without a good water purification filter. If you want to enjoy the pure taste of bottled water in your home, you need to get one of the Berkey water filters.

The origin of taste in water is dissolved minerals. So, if you want to change the taste, you need to filter out the minerals. Buy a filter today to enjoy softer and better-tasting water in your home.

Getting rid of chlorine taste from your tap water

Water supplied by most local municipality is treated with chlorine to improve the appearance, disinfect and destroy bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants. But, a lot of people seem not to be comfortable tasting chlorine in their water, which usually tastes like swimming pool water. Using chlorine to disinfect swimming pool water is a way to prevent us from waterborne disease, but we shouldn’t be drinking chlorinated water.

To get rid of chlorine from your tap water, you need to run it through a water purification filter. Chlorine, which the biggest culprit that changes the taste of water can be easily stripped off by Berkey water filters while improving the taste of your water and making it taste like bottled water.

Water Filters

Water filters can change the taste of chlorinated or bad tasting water to clean and crisp drinkable water. Berkey water filters are reputable for their ability to purify water from any source and to deliver clean, safe, and good tasting water to your home.

Berkey water filters do not only remove chlorine from your water, but they also remove other contaminating chemicals like arsenic, aluminum, and fluorine that may be toxic to your body system. They remove residual heavy metal ion, pesticides, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses for water. Having a Berkey water filter in your home can significantly contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of your household.

Using natural flavors to improve your water taste

One of the ways you can stimulate your appetite for water is by adding natural flavors to water. When water tastes flavorful, you would want to drink more, more, and more.

After passing your water through a Berkey filter to remove contaminants, chemicals, and all other impurities, add squirts of lime and lemon to add a taste of sourness to your glass of water. You could also use mint leaves, but ensure that they are fresh and clean. Strawberry also makes a great flavor. Cut your strawberry into halves and leave them to sit in your glass of water. Cucumber can also add a very nice and natural flavor to your water. These natural flavors will help you to drink more water.  For more information about the Berkey filter, be sure to visit for more information

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