Difference between professional and amateurs 

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Difference between professional and amateurs 

Most people would like to become rich, but only a few get the chance. In Forex, the only way to make this dream come true is by hard work and consistency. While millions of new people are joining the market, only a few are successful in making a profit. In this article, we are going to describe some of the major differences between the masters and amateurs. Keep in mind these are not universal, a novice may also have skill in some things but lack some knowledge in other areas.  Overall, this has an impact on the performance. A complete investor can manage to establish control all over the trading situations which results in a more consistent outcome. Despite the few failures occurring every time, they make rewards. This article will help you understand what habits need to be changed if you are wanting to take the performance to the next level.

Lock in profit once it becomes available

Perhaps, the greatest difference is the style of trading. While novice traders in Hong Kong keeps going until the trend turn against, the experts know when to stop. As soon as the target has been achieved, taking the exit becomes the priority. The possible trends cannot amaze them as they stay in put in their initial plan. Beginners will keep pouring money in until profit turns into losses.

Always trade with a plan

Impulse investing is not the correct decision in Forex. The trends are changing every time, there is always a chance to make money whenever the volatility is in favor. What the rookie do is simply engage with the sector without analyzing the pattern. Just because some moments were good does not indicate the whole pattern will keep moving in the expected direction. The next time, make sure there is a solid plan in mind. Never let the urge to take control of emotions. It will result in poor performance which in turn will reduce your capital. As an active participant of the options trading industry, chose a high end broker like Saxo to ensure a quality trading environment.

Do not have a journal

Many people laugh when they first hear about keeping a diary. As the trading is done online, there is plenty of software that allows keeping a track of all the transactions. It reduces the paper cost, hassles but one vital element is missed. A journal helps to identify the mistakes after many months, there is no need to search over the documents online. It is handier to offer necessary writing to explain the situation in details. The community may think it is not necessary as the same benefit is offered by software but there are certain limitations. 

The writings are more confined, thoughts cannot be explained. This limits the mind from thinking how the volatility has evolved. Imagine a person who is analyzing past trends. If he has a diary, it will more effective by simply having a glimpse and predicting future patterns. If there is an error, it will still not affect the performance of analyses. The experts always carry a journal and keep a note of every event. Not a single situation is missed by them. Such accuracy is the secret behind their enviable result.

Manage risks smartly

Every trader has to face the trade-off between risks and rewards. In this strategy, almost all fail to keep the expectations high. The seasoned traders know the dangers and choose to play safe. In spite of small failures, this wonderful crisis management helps them to stay afloat. Before investing money, develop a backup plan. In case something goes wrong, this will save the day.

Absence of emotion

Newbies cannot control their emotions. They become sentimental quickly, ditch all the learning and aim to avenge the failure. Try to get out of this habit, learn to remove emotion completely. Become a robot, never get affected by winning or losing.


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