Six Traits a Musician Possesses

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Six Traits a Musician Possesses

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Musicians are creative and talented individuals who have nurtured and natural skills. If you are wondering whether or not you are a naturally-borne musician, below are some traits you should possess:

You are Curious

Musicians are naturally curious and have the motivation to explore and experiment. You love to know what’s behind things and discover new things. 

You are Persistent Despite Rejections

You can be a talented musician but you may lose opportunities to those who go there a bit sooner, those who know some people, and those who sound a bit more like that favourite artist of the club owner. While such rejections sting, they will not deter you. You have a strong belief in your own voice and you keep working until the public hears it.

You can Deal with Others Reasonably

As a musician, you need to work with others as a team. You collaborate with bandmates, Songmill music studio staff, session players, your audience, and live sound techs. Whether you learn your skill through your art or your natural talent led you to become a performer, you are more like a negotiator and peacemaker than an instigator.   

You May Feel Down But Not for Long

You may work in the studio all day and end up with an unsatisfying result. Or maybe you lose a bandmate before a series shows. As you deal with things passionately, you will have plenty of little victories and frustrations along the way. However, you will only feel down for a short while. You may mop one day and be back in the studio or stage the following day. You will never allow a bad mood to engulf you and affect what you want to do. 

You are Empathetic 

A good songwriter is empathetic. They feel for others that they end up with songs from the points of view of others. This is the reason a lot of musicians have day jobs in caring professions, particularly in job-coaching environments. 

Your love to Fix and Build Things

Music is made to order for people who hate lectures and chalkboard notes. Musicians like to jump in and do it. A lot of musicians alter their instruments, customise their band vans, and build all kinds of hacks in the rehearsal space or studio. Musicians have a love for carpentry, electronics, computers, and mechanics. As a musician, you like to rip things apart and see what makes them function. 

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