SIP Vs. One-time investment? How should you invest in mutual funds?

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SIP Vs. One-time investment? How should you invest in mutual funds?


You can put resources or invest money in mutual fund schemes in 2 different ways either by contributing a singular amount sum or througha Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). One Time Investment is a singular installment mode, under the SIP method of investing; a fixed sum is contributed at a fixed gap of time which can be day by day, month to month, and quarterly or semi-every year in mutual fund scheme. Any investment which you make is based on your profile that includes your present salary, uses, risk, and financial objectives.


SIP Vs. One-time investment

During the rise in the market, the unique investment method of mutual fund investment general gives moderately higher returns, though, during the falling market, investments made using a SIP generally gives better returns.

Mutual Fund Return Value Calculator 

Mutual Fund Return Value Calculator is here to help you to calculate estimated returns on the money invested;the most significant angle is the sort of profits can be expected.Returns can much fluctuate in nature over an extensive Period. Thus, it is hard to make sense of what the possible corpus would be at various rates of profits.

How you can achieve more with SIP

  • List your fantasies and objectives and work out an arrangement to accomplish them through SIP.
  • Broaden your investments for your fantasies through various SIPs in various plans to streamline returns according to your needs
  • Discover the month to month/quarterly SIP required to accomplish your objectives
  • Contribute for the long term as the twin advantages o theintensity of rupee-cost averaging work through various market cycles
  • Distinguish the scheme(s) in which you might want to invest and finish the formalities for SIP, including structures and cheques.

SIP Calculator

SIP returns are determined by Compound Interest. Enter the sum you wish to contribute each month, pick the number of years you wish to proceed with the investment for, and our calculator will calculate the sum of return. It will likewise demonstrate to you a relative investigation of your SIP return versus other investment choices like Fixed Deposits.

To what extent should I invest in SIP?

There is no standard guideline that directs to what extent a SIP investment ought to be. Be that as it may, on a normal, a SIP for a long time or more runs a generally safe of misfortune. Short-term Investments, by and large, have higher returns yet additionally accompanied a great danger of misfortune.

SIP and One-Time Investment Explanation with the help of an example

Consider you have 5lakhs in your Bank Account and you are thinking of to invest your money.

There are two different ways to invest this amount, i.e. SIP and One-Time Investment:

In SIP you can spend money in separate installments that you are comfortable with like 10,000, 15,000, and so on.

In one-Time Investment, you have to invest your money in a single installment.


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