Easy Steps to Start Your Journey on Khelplay Rummy

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Easy Steps to Start Your Journey on Khelplay Rummy

If you are a fan of online rummy, then nothing is better than Khelplay Rummy website. This is a place providing secured access to different rummy games. You can benefit with free games, cash games, tournaments, download the gaming app, invite people on board, and win exciting monetary rewards. The platform gives you the facility of secured credentials. It is PG PCI compliant and SSL secured. You can make deposit any amount safely in the Khelplay account, and look for quick withdrawals as well. Below we have mentioned how you can start your journey on this card-gaming site.

  1. Register on the Website

Firstly, you must create a login on the website. This is easy to do, as registration is free of cost. You can use your Facebook credentials to proceed to the site. Or, you can even provide your email address, mobile number, and password (at least 6 characters) for a secured access. There are chances you could win free rummy welcome bonus. New members get several facilities on joining this gaming platform. The site is safe and secured. Your privacy is cared for. There is no risk to any malicious activity. So, you can play and enjoy your time here without worries.

  1. Download the App

To make the platform more accessible to players, download the Khelplay Rummy App on your device. It is simple to do so. After login to your account, you will get the option to download the application. This app is compatible for android and iOS device. You can find the app on PlayStore. The link to it will be available on the website. So, if you want to play on-the-move, you can do it on the application instead. The app has an attractive and user-friendly interface, easy to understand, and navigate. You will also find all the controls for the game here.

  1. Learn About the Controls

After getting on the site or application, you should take a tour around. Look for your account section, and make any changes if required. Even if you are aware about how to play rummy, you must know the controls of the place. Know how to join a game, the navigations and sections, how to group the cards, move the cards, discard and pick a card, use joker, keep a track of points in hand, and others. The quicker you learn the controls; easier it will be for you to play onboard. It will help manage your time when in an active game.

  1. Invite People on App

There is a facility of inviting people to the rummy app through a referral program. This program has benefits for both you and the invited member. If someone joins the application through the referral code or link you send, then both of you earn a bonus. This amount can be used to play a greater number of games on the platform. It is beneficial for both, thus, do not let the opportunity slip by. This way, you can earn a healthy bonus for your account by inviting more and more members. The points are free and you have to use this up in a stipulated timeframe.

  1. Check Out Different Types of Games

This gaming platform has access to Indian Rummy of different types. You can play without paying anything or making a deposit. But if you want to participate in games with monetary rewards, then perhaps some deposit is required. You can utilize the deposit for buy-in. The rewards are higher for higher buy-ins, and vice-versa. Check out the different games available. You can join any as per your interest. If you are new to the game, then it is best to firstly play a few practice games. After this, you can take on the difficult challenges as you get better with the gaming skills.

  1. Improve Skills with Practice Games

If you are not used to card games, then do not worry. Khelplay Rummy has provision of practice games where you do not have to pay any penny. You can refill the practice chips whenever these get over. There is no charge for refilling these chips. Also, a deposit is not necessary. So, if you have free time at hand or want to play for a short time, then practice games are best to go with. These helps learn gaming skills and improve on them. Some of the skills you will need are focus, observation, thinking power, basic mathematical calculations, tact, patience, and others.

  1. Play a Few Cash Games

After becoming a pro, you can live an ultimate rummy experience with cash games. These are one-time games, where you need a buy-in. The winner is entitled for a promised monetary reward. You may be allowed to take the winnings to bank account or save it in your Khelplay account for further games. Know the rules and terms and conditions of the game before you participate. This way you will know what to expect from the session. Cash games will help you prepare for the next challenge, that is the tournaments.

  1. Take Part in Tournaments

Now your next stop is tourneys. Compared to a regular rummy game, a tournament is a bit different. These have several rounds, especially three. To go to the next round, you have to clear and win the previous round, and henceforth. As you win every round, you will receive promised reward at the end of it. In the finale too, only the winners will receive the prize. So, if you are in the winning circle, then definitely you will get cash winnings. Tourneys require a high skillset as the games come with stakes. Thus, mostly expert players participate in these sessions than newbie.

  1. Know the Benefits and Prizes

Before participating in a rummy online game, you should check for the prizes and benefits in store. Read about the same in the competition’s description. So, you will know how to play this game and what the rewards are for it. A buy-in game will give you cash rewards. Note the reward amount you can expect from the contest details. Note the timing of the play so that you can join the competition in time. If any live game is ongoing, you may even participate in the same. If it is a tourney, then make sure to book a seat beforehand in time.

  1. Use Your Rewards and Winnings

There could be rummy rules of the platform as to how to use the rewards and winnings. In most cases, you can transfer the amount to your bank account. You can choose to utilize the prize to purchase merchandise from partnered stores. In other cases, you can be allowed to save the amount on the website account to play cash games in future. Depending on the rewards’ terms and conditions, you can do any of these activities. So, check for the norms of the contest before entering one.

To Conclude

Khelplay Rummy is an exception website and app for card-enthusiasts. If you are one of them, then you should definitely login to this platform. There are several benefits of joining this place as you can understand from the pointers mentioned above. You get to play for free and monetary rewards as well. You can access the games any time of the day and from anywhere you want.

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